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Top 15 Tools To Sell Supplements On Amazon

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 06 September, 2017

The health and wellness industry as an entity is estimated to reach over 275 billion dollars in 2024 and the simplicity of selling supplements online is a major contributing factor. 

The Amazon market place is home to hundreds of dietary supplements and vitamin products. Sellers are often intimidated by the many different aspects of how to sell supplements on amazon. What many people dont know is that the advancement of software engineering has made it easier. 

Powerful tools have been developed to help automate multiple divisions of your amazon business. We selected our favorite 15 we believe can help your online supplement business thrive!

1.Feedback Genius

Reviews are a crucial factor in many sections of the path someone would take in purchasing your product.

With customer’s connectivity to the internet at an all-time high wouldn’t it make sense to have a program that automatically asks for a review after your transaction? That is where Feedback Genius comes in!

Multiple reviews about the effectiveness of your product underneath its listing will translate to the customer that your claims are reliable. And if a customer buys your claims then there is a greater chance they will buy your product.

2. AMZ Tracker

Keywords are building blocks of basically every marketing campaign because of the information you can yield from them. Tracking them individually can show you perhaps where you should focus more.

AMZ Tracker has been helping people track their most valuable keywords longer than practically every other tool.

With the most experience in giving you the information you need to increase the ranks of your key words this is a tool you need. 

It also has other powerful features such as a negative review monitor.


 3. Jungle Scout

The amazon market place is home to many aggressive sellers that attempt to cash in on market trends. Generally, without Jungle Scout this could take hours of statistical analysis but you are smarter than that!

Jungle Scout gives you a large product database to look through so you can see for yourself what is making people money! Watch your products and even your competitor’s products with this must have tool. 


4. Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is not merely a single tool but an arsenal to help you gain ground on your targeted keywords. Where this tool makes, its biggest splash must be with its ASIN keyword tool. Revealing all the keywords any individual ASIN ranks for. 

Keyword Inspector includes an indexation tester to ensure your product listings are being found. It also has a search term optimizer and a tool that assists with generating long tail key words.


5. Scope

Scope is primarily used as a keyword tool to help you find out what your competitors are ranking the highest for. The catch is that Scope allows you to also hone in on your PPC and optimize it to the fullest. 

It is strong in risk management because it shows your monhly revenue, suggested sales velocity and how much profit you pull in after Amazon FBA expenses.


6. Unicorn Smasher 

The name of this product does diligence in interpreting the rarity of a tool like this. Unicorn Smasher gives you a comprehensive list of product data like estimated sales, reviews and even bestseller ranks.

With a user, friendly dashboard that keeps everything in one place this tool gives you the competitive advantage of predicting sales forecasts.

They’re company demeanor is also something that separates them from others. When you open their web site you are greeted like so “Find the perfect product to start dominating on Amazon”


 7. Merchant Words

Merchant Words uses keywords directly from amazon sellers from a humongous data base of 170 million keywords. Raking in keywords from other sites like Ebay and Jet. With keyword coverage on every major online retailer Merchant words is a fine tool to add.


8. Marksman RSC

Making it easy for you to regain equity on returned items and also relist them when they are ready for resale. Marksman RSC handles every aspect of the return process and refurbishment of qualifying products.


9. AMZ refund

This seller tool allows you to find reimburements that you are eligible for. Many people simply cut their losses when a product is destroyed or lost but AMZ refund helps you get your money back from amazon mishaps.


10. Skubana

Skubana lets you manage your inventory through a cloud software. With 1-click integration for all the major online retailers you can gain serious ground on your competitors. The catch with this software is that their minimum amount of orders is at 1000.


 11. Europeanseller

Europeanseller makes taking your brand global easy as clicking a button! By translating your listing into many languages such as German, French, Italian and Spanish. Having your target customer read your listing in their native language will be a huge bonus because it makes communicating that much easier.

12. Hello Profit

Hello profit is great for analyzing the potential of your product.

This tool easily tracks the Best Seller Ranks of your products and even allows you to input keywords in individual products. Another interesting feature is that it shows you what categories your products are ranking in.

13. Listing Eagle

There can’t be anything worse for an amazon seller than realizing your sale have taken a hit due a to a suppressed listing. A listing get suppressed when there is missing or invalid information present or there are invalid values.

Listing Eagle works around the clock and automatically sends you a text or  email notification once your listing is suppressed.

14. Helium 10

To understand the purpose of this tool you must understand the difference between brand registry and brand gating. When you gate your brand, you remove the ability for other sellers to join your listings unapproved. Registering your brand simply places you in an Amazon exclusive catalog.

Helium 10 allows you to easily check whether a brand is gated or not with just an ASIN.


Taxify automatically gathers your amazon sales data and files taxes each state you did business in. Clearly displays your tax liabilities and where your inventory is stored. It makes tax exempts simple as well. Taking the hassle out of the usually craze before Tax Day.

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Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

Will is a master of digital marketing in the vitamins & supplements space. He has years experience selling supplements on Google, self-hosted websites, Amazon, Facebook and much more. CLICK HERE to learn more about how Will can help your nutraceutical brand dominate digital marketing.

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