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ABH Pharma's Natural Product Expo West 2018 Recap

By Will Cartwright | ABH Pharma Company News | 0 Comments | 16 March, 2018

The team from ABH Pharma and StockNutra had a great time at Natural Products Expo West 2018. It is always great to be surrounded by people that share the same passion for health and wellness! We aim to forge as many new connections as possible while improving upon making our customers happy at the same time!

and StockNutra's Top 10 Products

We ranked our favorite 10 products and 5 booths from #Expowest. These products and booths made this list for factors such as:

  • Originality
  • Packaging
  • Display
  • Ingredient Innovation
  • Overall Conference Presence 
  • Charisma of Brand Representatives

1. CricketFuel from Oragnixx

 #expowest 2018 product 1.jpgThis made our list due to the uniqueness of their fuel source. To use crickets as your fuel source could offer a unique. Forefront of the industry because they are not afraid to walk the unbeaten path.



2. Nootropic Focus Formula from BrainGear

#expowest 2018 last image.jpg

They've put an innovative twist on a liquid nootropic with very unique and appealing packaging!

#expowest 2018 product image 3.jpg

 3. Bone Broth + Turmeric from Turveda 

#expowest 2018 product image 5.jpg

A healthy and innovative combination of two commonly used supplement ingredients. Bone broth and turmeric are proving even more health benefits together. 


4.   Energy Superfood Smoothie Kit from Blendtopia

This company is one of the hardest working in keeping their product at it's optimal freshness. They blend more than 20 ingredients without the use of mass quantity production machines. 

#expowest 2018 product image 6.jpg

5. Trust Your Gut from Ora Organics 

#expowest 2018 product image 7.jpg

A beautiful presentation of their supplement brand along with passionate employees!

#expowest 2018 product image 8.jpg

#6 Bone Broth Protein from Terra Origins

Based in Long island NY like us this product line is making a huge splash in the supplement market. True underdogs of the show. We are keen to see what else this company can do.

#expowest 2018 product image 9.jpg

7.  Vegan Collagen Booster from Fusion Naturals


#expowest 2018 product image 10.jpgClean and simple packaging along with great branding. This company won our hearts in being a great new start up with a great product line. 



8. 100% Free-Range Chicken Bone Broth from Numo Broth

#expowest 2018 product image 12.jpg

Good company mission statement backed by a product that is effective and tasty! Very friendly and willing to explain why their brand is different from the rest.

#expowest 2018 product image 11.jpg

9.  Recharge from Wildway

#expowest 2018 product image 14.jpg

Innovative brand that has branched into new segments of health and wellness. We love seeing niche brands expand even further into that niche with a strong supplement product.
#expowest 2018 product image 13.jpg

 10. Totally Egg from Designer Protein

#expowest 2018 product image 15.jpg

Doing egg protein the way it is supposed to be done. Excellent tasting product with a strong brand following!

#expowest 2018 product image 16.jpg

ABH and StockNutra's Top 5 Booths at Expo West 2018

1. Plus Red Elixir

#expowest 2018 booth image 1.jpg

The booth with the most pizzazz and flash. A booth that nobody at Natural Product Expo West 2018 missed out on. Another great company founded on Long Island!


2. Organixx

#expowest 2018 booth image 2.jpg

Great presentation of products that spawned from an even greater causes with the CEO John Hunsaker, who also started the Truth About Cancer blog.

#expowest 2018 product image 2.jpg 

3. Vital Proteins

#expowest 2018 booth image 3.jpg

Large booth that was expertly designed. Felt like we were walking into a store, not an expo booth. The quality and design of their booth matches their products. 

#expowest 2018 image 1010.jpg

4. Terra Origins

#expowest 2018 booth image 4.jpg

For a company that is small they had a tremendous presence at the Expo. Friendly face talking to all of the interested booth participants made it an overall great experience

5. Fidobiotics

#expowest 2018 booth image 6.jpg

Great family run company with excellent packaging. Made us feel at home when speaking to them! Strong pet supplement brand ready to make an impact!

#expowest 2018 booth image 5.jpg

Honorable Mention: Lily of the Desert 

#expowest 2018 honorable mention.jpg

A great aloe vera company that brings their product from farm to table organically. They stand out because they contain Aloesorb which elevates and enhances it's effectiveness! 


This year we came prepared with our new Product Catalog, that is packed with dozens of new Private Label Supplements. This catalog has an up to date list of all of our stock formulas for you to choose from on StockNutra.com

We hope you enjoyed the recap of our time at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Hopefully next year you can join us at this eye opening experience. The main purpose of our attendance at this momentous event lies within learning the best practices to put forth products that reflect our mission; to manufacture the best supplements not only for the brand owner, but for the customer as well.

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