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Activated Charcoal Benefits Health & Are Steadily Gaining Popularity

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 0 Comments | 20 February, 2017

When Steve McMahon opted for early retirement and settled into a quiet condominium complex outside Savannah, Georgia, he expected life to be relaxing and robust.

Coming from northern Maine, he appreciated the warm, often temperate weather and sandy beaches at nearby Tybee Island.

But he found himself plagued with intestinal discomfort and increasing joint pain.

After being examined by his new Savannah doctor, a treatment of ampicillin was recommended for the stomach pain.

Unfortunately, pills to alleviate his growing arthritic symptoms were likely to cause even bigger intestinal problems. He had to grin and bear it.

The situation seemed unreal in many ways.

He had worked full-time most of his life to have a chance to scale back. His days by the pool’s side were often interrupted by his ailments.

Having stayed in shape from peewee sports to running 5Ks in his 40s, rising joint pain kept him out of the fitness center most days.

Life was moving in the wrong direction.

Steve found himself slipping into a minor depression. His waistline expanded a full pant-size from inactivity.

The strength in his legs lessened and a guy that was always proud of his rugged build began leaving a T-shirt on at the beach.

Healthy Supplement Solutions

It became apparent that modern medicine could only offer partial solutions to Steve’s health issues.

He popped into a few local alternative health centers in the area and explained his symptoms. He hoped that there were healthy and effective supplements available.

Being stuck with the ability to treat only one of his problems didn’t make sense.

At one of the health centers, he discovered a supplement brand that made activated charcoal pills.

The center held monthly workshops on supplements and how they could help resolve health-related problems for people like Steve.

The possibility of using a healthy supplement like activated charcoal inspired him to learn about it.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal (Someitmes referred to as activated carbon) is a tremendous supplement that is natural to the environment and safe for the human body.

It can be effectively used to absorb toxins in the body and flush them through your system.

The best activated charcoal to use to help heal the body should be made from coconut shells or other organic and natural materials.

The supplement has grown into a tried-and-true treatment and many emergency rooms keep it on hand.

Activated charcoal works by gathering toxins and chemicals into its pores.

The supplement gives off a negative charge that forces the positively charged toxins to bind with it and pass through the body.

The use of activated charcoal pills has been trending upward as more and more people discover its wide variety of activated charcoal benefits that include:

Whitens Teeth

We live in an age that people enjoy the boost good coffee provides.

Unfortunately, the hot brews tend to stain our teeth.

Brushing with activated charcoal can change the pH levels in your mouth and help correct that trend.

It also works to prevent cavities, offset bad breath and gum disease.

Reduce Cholesterol

Studies have produced data that shows activated charcoal can reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 41 percent.

Gas and Bloating

Activated charcoal capsules bind with the problem byproducts that create gas and bloating.

Taking 500 milligrams of activated charcoal an hour before a meal with water can help offset intestinal discomfort.

Alcohol Poisoning

Activated charcoal pills won’t absorb alcohol. It’s not a license to drink to excess.

However, it does rid the body of associated toxins that poison the body.

You may be surprised how much sugar and unhealthy additives are in alcoholic beverages. Activated charcoal has always been one of the most effective ingredients in hangover prevention supplements.

Relieve Intestinal and Joint Pain with Activated Charcoal

Regular use of activated charcoal increases the health and wellness of the digestive tract by eliminating things that lead to allergic reactions.

There are numerous items in our environment that we take for granted. Pesticides are used on produce. There are chemicals in our drinking water and many molds pose health hazards.

By incorporating activated charcoal into your diet, you can help flush the system of these things. That can lead to a healthier, more energetic and pain-free lifestyle.  

Activated Charcoal Tablets Helps Renew Health

Steve was very fortunate to discover the benefits of activated charcoal pills.

It was the perfect solution to the health issues that were barring the way to the happy and active lifestyle that he desired.

After incorporating the supplement into his daily routine, the intestinal issues that he used prescription drugs to combat began to recede.

But what was truly wonderful about using a healthy supplement was that it also alleviated what he feared was growing arthritis.

It turns out that both problems were somehow related to his environment.

He never really figured out whether the change in place tripped him up or if he was the victim of his body just reaching critical mass.

Toxins can build up inside our digestive systems until the body begins to falter and have difficulty getting rid of them

The “how” isn’t something Steve dwells on while he’s crossing the finish line of his latest 5K run for charity or going shirtless at the beach.

He’s a practical guy that is grateful to have regained a positive outlook on life again and he keeps an eye out for activated charcoal products.  

Activated Charcoal Pills Are Trending

During the past five years, the interest in activated charcoal pills has steadily grown.

Last year huge spikes in consumer interest were recorded. Consumer interest has more than doubled in the last 24 months and this product is on a consumer fast track.

It’s clearly an item that people in the supplement industry should keep on their shelves moving forward.

Major U.S. supplement outlets have seen exponential sales growth and that doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.

As more and more consumers become aware of the product’s natural benefits, demand will only increase.

All this product data points to supplement companies having an opportunity to capitalize on the rising popularity of activated charcoal pills.

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