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All About The FDA Certification Process

By Will Cartwright | | 0 Comments | 19 February, 2019

Since 1984, the Food and Drug Administration has monitored the safety of agricultural goods and products. In 1906, the government passed the 1906 Pure Food & Drugs Act.

Basically, this act banned the sales of unmonitored drugs and food to protect consumers. Thus, the entire goal of the FDA is protect consumers from potentially harmful or misleading products. Since then, the FDA has grown in size and now does more than just monitor food and drugs.

 The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) changed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Simply put, this established standards for dietary supplements like vitamins and other supplements.

As a result, supplement manufacturers now also require an FDA certification in order to sell their products. So there are plenty of potential start ups wondering how to get a certification amongst other things. Read below to find out how manufacturers apply and get approved for a


FDA Certification: The Do’s & Don’ts

The FDA treats supplements just like food, drugs, and cosmetics. According to their own documents, manufacturers are unable to market products that are not “adulterated” or “misbranded”.

As a result, the manufacturer itself is responsible for the testing of the product. That way, their is proof that the supplement is safe and meets all of the FDA and DSHEA regulations. Also, there are even rules it comes to how dietary supplements are labeled during the manufacturing process.

Now, manufacturers should not confuse an FDA certification with an approval. Remember, dietary supplements are put under the same general category as drugs and food.

As a result, the FDA is not required to approval of a vitamin. While manufacturers are responsible to make sure the supplements are safe, the FDA is not going to authorize or approve before a manufacturer sells the product.

How Do Supplement Manufacturers Get A FDA Certification

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If the FDA does not approve products, how can a supplement manufacturer get an FDA certification? This is simple. As mentioned earlier, manufacturers must create safe products. This process involves standard testing of products to check for proper results and potential side effects. Here at ABH Pharma, we work hard to constantly test our products.

We look for any potential side effects and we also ensure the desired results. No matter what, our goal is to create the safest supplement formula possible.


FDA regulations go beyond just testing and safety standards at the manufacturing site. Instead, this extends over into the world of labeling as discussed earlier.

Specifically, vitamins need to display all of the ingredients and nutritional aspects of their product. If not, then the FDA will act. This is not a good result for any supplement start up. Luckily, we make sure labeling is the least of your worries.

Our services go beyond simply creating a high-quality formula. We take care of all the labeling and packaging. After all, no one wants to stress out about minor details in their supplement start up. Instead, your main focus will be on creating the best possible formula for your new vitamins and supplements. So our packaging and labeling process delivers a stress-free supplement start up.

What Can The FDA Do?

If the FDA does not authorize or approve products, what can they do? Do not underestimate the power of the Food and Drug Administration. Especially when it comes to the safety of the general public. It only takes a short amount of time for an unsafe product to catch the eye of this administration. Here is what they will do:

Limiting Sales

The FDA has no problem limiting the sales of unsafe products. Customers try out a new product and things do not go well. Then, customers go onto the FDA website and file a complaint.

Each compliment is followed up by an FDA agent that looks into the safety hazards of said supplement. In other cases, reports are sent directly to the manufacturer. After, the manufacturer themselves must file a report with the FDA which is not good at all. It is hard to escape an early problem like this. So trust our experts when it comes to safe testing and proper labeling.


What happens if the FDA gets a claim? An unpleasant investigation. Their agents begin to look into a product. If it is an unsafe supplement then things do not end well.

Basically, the FDA issues a recall. Commonly, you see recalls on cars with defective parts or food that is unsafe due to contamination. So there is no worse mark than that of a recall. Especially considering the fact that the FDA lists your supplement on their recall page for everyone to see. Do not let your supplement start up suffer this fate.

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How Do We Have Our FDA Certification?

As mentioned before, we work diligently to produce nothing but the best results. This obviously includes are manufacturing methods. Our team tackles your needs with extreme delicacy. As a result, your supplements are not just effective but are also very safe. We also test supplement formulas vigorously until it is deemed safe. Our quality control department works tirelessly for your supplement start up.

Not only can you trust us with your formula. We also create high-quality packaging and FDA certified labeling. That way, you do not and up with any misbranded supplements.

After all, you do not want to miss important details while starting your new supplement brand. Focus on the bigger picture while our team does all of the heavy lifting.

Across the United States, supplements are more popular than ever before. But, there is so much demand that there is still room for new brands and businesses.

Let our team help you get on the right track. Our in-house facilities are incredibly impressive and so is our customer service. We have helped both smaller-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Our FDA certification labeling will keep your product off of the recall list!

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Written by Will Cartwright

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