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Black Tea Extract in Supplements

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 0 Comments | 19 January, 2018

Made from the Camellia sinesis plant, black tea is beneficial in several ways. When aged, black tea leaves can be ground into a powder and included in supplements. Both black and green tea are found in supplements for their health benefits. See why using black tea in your next herbal supplement can grab the attention of consumers!

Black Tea Extract in Supplements

Black tea extract has a permanent spot on supplement brand ingredient lists. As a natural, herbal supplement that could assist a variety of illnesses, black tea has been included in diet plans, detoxification plans, post-treatment recovery plans and day-to-day wellness lifestyles.

black tea extract in supplements image 1.jpgThis extract can improve mental alertness in some, too, additionally improving its consumer’s memory, learning and information processing skills. Because of this, black tea is commonly used in focus supplements to provide wakefulness and assist with studying.

Black tea is also found in blood pressure supplements to, prevent artery hardening and the possibility of heart disease. Some suggest black tea could even serve in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. For most, the extract of black tea is both a healthy and safe supplement ingredient for daily consumption.

Some supplement providers have included the extract of black tea in their supplements claiming to combat type 2 diabetes, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. On a day-to-day symptom alleviation basis, the extract can prevent tooth decay, kidney stones, diarrhea and vomiting.  

What Types of Supplements Use Black Tea Extract?

Because black tea has numerous benefits, supplement providers can market in a few ways. As a supplement, black tea has been popularized as a weight management tool. In fact, several studies imply that regular black tea consumption can result in body fat reduction over time. Black tea extract can additionally boost one’s energy expenditure, directly increasing the body’s use of fat as an energy source. Thus, providers serving either the fitness community or consumers seeking weight loss solutions can market black tea extract as an all-natural alternative to potentially harmful fat burners.

Meanwhile, other consumers purchase black tea to increase relaxation and focus. Black tea commonly contains L-theanine—an amino acid capable of promoting feelings of calmness. L-theanine supplementation, in conjunction with black tea extract, greatly reduces the side effects (mainly jitters) of consuming black tea’s other vital ingredient: caffeine.

Where marketing is considered, supplement brands may find success in promoting black tea’s soothing focus. Because consumers frequently experience negative effects of caffeine alone, black tea’s L-theanine is a fantastic selling point. We also include this ingredient pair in our stock focus formula as well! While coffee and caffeine supplements have diminishing returns in the “focus department” due to caffeine’s anxiety-inducing effects, black tea has risen in prominence for its excellent cognitive balancing act.

As a long-term-use supplement, black tea can be sold as a natural anti-cancer product. Black tea’s natural thearubigins—compounds created as it’s fermented—hold high potential for cancer reduction. It isn’t rare to see some black tea lovers consume the drink for years on end, dedicating themselves to all-natural lifestyles contingent on lessened cancerous risks. 

Black Tea Extract as a Caffeine Substitute for Supplements

This extract is a multifaceted product. It’s also gaining traction in Western culture in superfood products, vegan multivitamin packs and even sports supplements. Black tea might’ve spawned in Eastern culture, but its usefulness in wellness markets has been increasingly realized every decade.

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While black tea is an excellent caffeine alternative—where refined, leafless caffeine is considered—it’s still an excellent component in pre-workout drinks. Modern pre-workout drinks are governed by high sugar profile amounts, and typical pre-workout drinks can become unmanageable for some due to their hard-hitting energy profile.Now, supplement providers are featuring plant-based exercise drinks which include black tea as an ingredient.

Meanwhile, other exercise-lovers are consuming a singular, five-ounce cup of black tea to consume roughly 40 to 80 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.

So, where do you stand as a supplement brand? Consider adopting black tea extract into your supplement line to benefit your all-natural customers. Whether you’re placing emphasis on focus or want to offer black tea as a lifelong wellness aid, the herb certainly deserves a spot in your next product. It’s a versatile ingredient, too, promising years of usefulness in a variety of supplements. If you haven’t yet, you should look into the available options.


Comparable Delivery Formats

As a supplement provider, you’re in luck. The extract of black tea can be sold in a variety of ways, giving you full control over your line. Black tea is commonly sold in tablets, capsules or directly from a bag. 

Some providers offer black tea as a raw powder, giving consumers freedom in blending their own black-tea-containing concoctions. Others, meanwhile, may create a vegetable capsule line of black tea extract—promoting easily swallowed, all-natural alternatives to large pills. It really all depends on the target market you are trying to reach and the delivery format that is most susceptible to them. 

ABH Pharma has experience adding black tea extract to all of the mentioned supplement types. If you have any more questions about how your brand can use this great ingredient please reach out to the reputable sales reps at 866-282-4729!

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