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CoQ10 Supplement Benefits (Infographic)

By Will Cartwright | Video & Graphic Archive | 0 Comments | 18 August, 2017

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 for short is an energy booster for the mitochondria of your body. CoQ10 is a natural compound like a vitamin needed by all cells to create energy. The intake of CoQ10 supplements has shown tremendous strides against common neurological disorders, heart health issues and inflammatory health conditions. 

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With scientists discovering new ways this powerhouse of a nutrient can help the human body since it was first discovered in 1957 it is no wonder the interest on google trends is spiking! Reaching the maximum interest recorded at 100 in July of 2017. Supplement manufacturers are very aware of what CoQ10 does for your body so it is in many nutraceuticals today.

Below in this fun infographic we will highlight the main benefits of CoQ10 and how to get more in your diet. Of course, it is found in many foods but just eating alone can leave you deficient. That is why incorporating a supplement with CoQ10 into your daily regime could be very beneficial!


Now that you comprehend the benefits and trendiness of CoQ10 it is time to add it to your supplement line! Here at ABH Pharma we offer industry best prices on CoQ10 with organic olive oil or white soybean but it's popularity is driving the prices up! Take advantage of this chance to reserve your inventory and cash in on a supplement with a healthy profit margin! 

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Written by Will Cartwright

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