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Custom Supplement Manufacturing: Jed's Journey

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 08 May, 2017

The following is a fictional story about how Jed Johnstone started his own supplement line Brain Trust.

We will magnify the process he went through when searching for the right company to manufacture his product.

Jed Johnstone was still in college when he got the idea for Brain Trust.

Despite its name, Brain Trust was not a think tank or idea incubation project;  Brain Trust was Jed’s vision for a vitamin and supplement company specializing in brain-boosting nutraceuticals specially formulated for college students.College students have very specific needs while focused on their studies full time.

If they work, take an internship or wish to maintain a social life within their busy schedule, their health and nutritional needs can become even more complex.

Filling a Need Can Create Business Success

Jed came up with the idea after witnessing this need within himself and his friends.

For college students, there never seems to be enough hours in the day or breaks during the week.

Time management, mental stamina, memory and the ability to stay focused across a range of needs and responsibilities are all crucial to success.

Jed had an idea for a line of vitamins and supplements that included nutraceuticals and nootropics for optimal brain health during the stressful college years.

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Jed knew he couldn’t succeed with this project on his own. He knew he would need the assistance of a quality, trusted vitamin and supplement manufacturer to listen to his vision and help him to create the perfect custom products to make Brain Trust a reality.

However, he was not without misgivings.

He wanted to be guaranteed a partnership with a health supplement manufacturer that would be reliable, dependable, experienced, efficient, and a fair cost.

He wanted to be assured of a quality manufacturing processes and that they would not be outsourcing his job to yet another company.

Doing a supplement manufacturing review will help you weed out brokers posing as manufacturers of supplements.

He worried about being overcharged for the services, or finding a “good deal” only to find out the company was not in compliance and/or cutting corners that would degrade the quality of the final product.

Jed’s worries could be summed up in two sentences:

  1. Just how safe and trustworthy are custom supplement manufacturers?
  1. Should I, as an independent business person just starting out, be concerned or leery about supplement manufacturers in general?

After the initial rush of brainstorming the Brain Trust idea had abated, it gave way to real fear and frustration about not knowing the answer to these questions.

However, with some focused research and clear-headedness, Jed came to see that navigating the supplement manufacturer realm was not unlike learning about any area of business.

Here is what Jed learned:

Creating a New Supplement Can Be Straightforward – With a Reputable Manufacturer

The basic steps of supplement creation include the idea phase, partnering with a professional supplement manufacturer, finalizing the formulation, potency verification and purity testing.

An experienced vitamin and supplement manufacturer can make all of these steps seamless and even easy.

The Supplement Industry is Highly Regulated for Safety

The actual blending and manufacturing processes for vitamin and supplement manufacture takes place using careful dispensing methods for each ingredient and under strict guidelines.

Any manufacturer that does not abide by these methods will not be in business for long.

These organizations oversee manufacturing facilities to ensure that they remain in compliance with the regulations and standards established by the GMP and outlined by the FDA.

Be Wary of Price Anomalies

A specific red flag to look for which can indicate that a supplement manufacturer should be avoided is major price anomalies.

Unless the company has an impeccable reputation, they may be fraudulent, strictly a reseller/distributor, or lack the experience you require for an effective end result.

Communication is Key

Lastly, you’ll want to partner with a vitamin and supplement manufacturer that you’ll be able to count on for transparency and good communication throughout the process.

If at any point during screening the company seems unresponsive, this is another red flag. 

A successful line of custom made health supplements requires a high quality manufacturer.

Jed Johnstone learned much throughout the research phase for his Brain Trust supplement line idea.

He feels confident that by following the guidelines outlined here, he will make the right decision when choosing from the long list of supplement manufacturing companies

Who Did Jed Pick? custom.supplement.manufacturing.selection-usa.jpg

In the end Jed Johnston selected ABH Pharma to manufcture his product.

ABH Pharma, Inc. is a superior supplement manufacturing company.

They are known for their honesty, transparency and accessibility as well as high quality products.

Be sure to include them in your search for the most suitable custom supplement manufacturing for your brand.

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Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

Will is a master of digital marketing in the vitamins & supplements space. He has years experience selling supplements on Google, self-hosted websites, Amazon, Facebook and much more. CLICK HERE to learn more about how Will can help your nutraceutical brand dominate digital marketing.

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