Differences Between Collagen Peptides and Hydrolyzed Bone Broth

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Differences Between Collagen Peptides and Hydrolyzed Bone Broth

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 1 Comment | 06 November, 2017

Are you wondering if your private label brand needs both collagen and bone broth? If so, keep reading to learn why these two popular supplements are very different. 

Bone broth supplements are a mix of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which are leached from animal bones - beef, pork, poultry - using a specialized cooking process. Yes, there is collagen in bone broth, but it is just another benefit among many. 

Bone Broth Benefits:

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome - Thanks to collagen which helps replace the intestinal tracks lining. 
  • Joint Health - Thanks to a variety of minerals, such as calcium and nutrients such as collagen. Joints are complex, and they are made up of bone, cartilage, fluid, and muscles. There are many moving parts, and our body needs a lot of nutritional resources to replace worn and aging cells within joints. Joint health is highly related to diet and weight. [3]

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Benefits of Collagen Peptides: 

  • Improved Skin Health - provides natural resources for replacement of collagen throughout the skin's layers and foundation.
  • Improved Hair Quality - Collagen is needed for the production of healthy, shiny hair.
  • Plays a role in weight loss - Helps to boost metabolic rates and aids our body in the production of lean muscle. 
  • Helps with Heart Health - Collagen helps the body build strong blood vessels and in their repair whereas in collagen deficient diets, plaque is substituted for collagen. [4]

Collagen is just one type of protein and proteins come in many forms. In fact, you can think of proteins as whole, long-chain, short-chain, peptides (micro chains) and amino acids. Amino acids are both essential and naturally produced by our body, but our body does not produce all the types of amino acid we need. 

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Bone Broth VS. Collagen Peptides

Both are good sources of protein and people are attracted to both supplements for a variety of reasons. Bone broth is more generalized than is collagen even though the list of what each helps with is long. 

Collagen is often used in beauty products as it is part of the natural foundation that our skin sits on when we are younger. As we age, we lose collagen. When we have a skin wound, we lose collagen. Thus, scars and wrinkles form, such as after acne, or sun exposure. 

People also seek out collagen for joint health. It is well documented that collagen is used by the body to make cartilage and connecting tissue such as ligaments, especially in joints. [1], [2

Interest in Collagen Peptides

Collagen has a long history of interest from people searching for the term on Google. That history stretches as far back as 2004 and has held steady until early 2012 when interest in collagen began to grow rapidly. Today, collagen is one of the highest nutrient searches on Google. 

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Interest in Bone Broth

Despite the fact that bone broth is an ancient medicinal that was in use thousands of years ago, interest via internet searches began in late 2011. Whereas collagen is steady at 100 percent interest over time, bone broth interest is growing, and it is holding steady around 20 percent. 

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Part of the reason is that there are not a lot of peer-reviewed studies on bone broth and health. It is an ancient medicine that we forgot as we evolved and are no just rediscovering its benefits. 

Factors to Know Before Adding Private Label Collagen and Bone Broth

One of the first points to take is that these two supplements are different and that means they have different target markets.

The second thing to take from this is that even though there is an overlap between these two supplements, there are larger areas where they offer stand-alone benefits or uses. 

The third takeaway is that people can make bone broth at home and they do. The process is time-consuming, so many would love to have a handy go-to supplement that does not involve 3-8 hours of cooking. 

Collagen, on the other hand, is available through dietary consumption but it takes a lot of eating to gain enough collagen to make a big difference. 

The point here is that collagen is something people seek out because they cannot replicate it at home. Both bone broth and collagen make outstanding supplements because the dosage of nutrients is standardized while making bone broth at home is nutrition, but you don't know how much nutrients you are consuming. 

Regarding marketing, both of these supplements can diversify your brand. They are both good examples of supplements that help satisfy many consumer health concerns, especially over general health, joint health, and digestion. Bone broth is also thought to help boost immune strength and to act as an anti-inflammatory. 

All of these benefits touch different buyer personas. Adding them both allows you to target market athletes, overweight and obese populations ( both for weight loss and joint health) anyone who has limited mobility, people with general health concerns and those with intestinal disorders. In short, both are positive additions to your supplement line and ABH Pharma can supply you with them! With a 500 bottle MOQ and many different packaging customization options to match your current brand identity. 


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Added Reading on Collagen Peptides and Hydrolyzed Bone Broth:

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[2] Cartilage regeneration for treatment of osteoarthritis: a paradigm for nonsurgical intervention - Musculoskeletal Disease via the US National Library of Medicine

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