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Everything to Know About Organic Supplement Manufacturers

By Will Cartwright | | 3 Comments | 20 July, 2018

In recent years the supplement industry has grown to accommodate more and more products. Supplement manufacturers are recognizing the need for fully organic products and accommodating customers demand and many are even leaning towards creating more. ABH spends a lot of time looking for organic ingredients of the highest potency for our customers. Generic supplements that can be found in your local supermarket many times have fillers and additives that may not always be good for you. While there are many benefits to taking supplements if not taken correctly or if there are too many fillers you may be affecting your health negatively.


Organic Supplement Manufacturers

A Few Things to Look For When Purchasing an “Organic” Supplement


  1. Transparency

Organic supplements manufacturers are not always regulated by a government entity. They are not essentially considered a drug that requires a doctor to obtain. Therefore a company may opt to leave crucial information out of a product in order to boost sales.

A supplement company that chooses to place outrageous claims onto their product such as being able to heal a sickness or disease may fall under much scrutiny. For any company to be able to do this there has to be evidence to prove these claims.

Many organic supplement manufacturers are opt-in to be very transparent in the way their business is run. You can find out everything from where the ingredients are sourced and when to what the very bottle is made from. These are ultimately organic supplement manufacturers you’ll want to put your trust in.

  1. Natural

Go ahead and look at the label of your favorite “natural” supplement. Now go ahead and look at the labels of other supplements when you go shopping next and see how many of them claim to natural. Then take a look at the ingredients. Natural does not equate to organic. There is no government repercussion for claiming that your product is natural. These products are often times no regulated but they do cement the idea of the supplement that the manufacturers are trying to bring forward.

Any product that claims to be truly organic has a strict set of rules and requirements that they need to meet set by the USDA. All ingredients are required to meet quality guidelines and if not they are not be labeled as organic. Labeling supplements as organic when they do not meet guidelines can result in consequences from government entities. 

  1. Doctors know best

Organic supplement manufacturers should always aim to have their supplement doctor approved. These brands will typically carry pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and pay keen attention to adhering to manufacturing guidelines. These organic supplement manufacturers’ products will typically be free from any known allergens. Such as Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts etc.

Organic Supplement Brands

Many of these brands are not typically found in local stores. The only to purchase from these brands is to purchase straight through their respective websites or from your personal healthcare provider. These brands often carry a variety of supplements to suit any needs you may have. They may also even carry options for nutritional organic protein powders.

Pure Encapsulations

These organic supplement manufacturers create products that are always in their purest form possible, hypoallergenic and always tested independently for potency. Their labs are FDA approved and GMP certified and are considered the elite of the elite. You will likely find these being offered to you by your local health practitioner. They are, as expected, free of any common allergens and as such is safe for a wide variety of people.

Another thing that makes these organic supplement manufacturers so great is that they test their supplements after manufacturing to ensure they are free of any contaminants. Though your local practitioner is likely to carry these supplements you may also find them on Amazon.

Thorne Research

An industry leading giant in the supplement world. There extensive product line of pharmaceutical grade supplements contains a formula not like any other. They run an NSF cGMP facility and has one of the more rigid quality assurance procedures in the industry. Unlike many other supplements, their supplements have undone clinical trials. Consumers are able to learn more information on the supplements being consumed and how effective they really are.

One thing to note about these supplements is that unlike a lot of other manufacturers these can be found in local health food stores. They can also be found online at Thorne.com.

Douglas Laboratories

This organic supplement manufacturer have been creating products for over 60 years. They mainly emphasis on working with supplements that are mostly known for identifying metabolic issues by using natural endocrine supporters and highly bioavailable enzyme formulas. A portion of their revenue is donated to SOS Children’s villages that help care for orphaned children.

Douglas Laboratories is the creator of a Calcium D-Glucarate. This is a specifically targeted supplement that helps to detox and increases energy production in the body. These supplements are not found in stores and can only be purchased online or from your local healthcare provider.


A California based manufacturer that was founded in 1983. This company utilizes science to create revolutionary supplements. They are Triple GMP certified and all their ingredients are tested yearly to ensure that they are pure and safe. They have published essays on how exactly their ingredients work to inform consumers on what exactly is being put inside of their bodies.

Klaire Labs

Owned by Prothera, this company focuses on creating products that aid digestive health. These supplements tend to be on the more pricey side of the market. It requires two-day shipping and comes with a special ice-packed packing. These products are widely available for commercial sale and are trusted by healthcare professionals and proven to deliver results.

What to do Before Starting a Supplement?

Organic Supplement Manufacturers

  1. Do your homework

It is recommended that speaking to your healthcare provider before starting a supplement is imperative. This will help you in choosing a supplement and understand what dosage is recommended to ensure you stay healthy.

  1. It’s okay to take the less than recommended dosage

When introducing something new to your body is always important to test it first. Take a small amount and see how your body reacts to it.

  1. Do not treat your supplement as a replacement

A supplement should not be taken as a way to cheat a meal. Usually, supplements are recommended to those who are unable to get a certain nutrient due to be allergic to certain foods that it is found in. Your supplements should be used to complement your diet not replace your diet. Additionally, supplements are not something you want to be depending on for the rest of your life. If you are able to receive your nutrients through food it is always best to do so. Understandably, there are supplements that are able to aid sicknesses and diseases however these should be taken under the supervisor of your doctor.

  1. Take with food unless instructed

Its recommend that you take all supplements either with food or directly after a meal. Unless you have been instructed by your personal healthcare provider to not do so this procedure is to be followed. It allows for better absorption into the body and minimizes the chance of your encountering any gastrointestinal problems.

  1. Know your limits

Just like how having too little of a nutrient can be bad for you so can having too much of a nutrient. Too much vitamin A may cause your liver to be toxic. Too much calcium may give you kidney stones. Too much fish oil may cause you to have bad cholesterol. Be sure to go over everything with your doctor.

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