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Factors that Determine the Fish Oil Quality

By Will Cartwright | | 2 Comments | 23 February, 2018

A sign that usually goes hand in hand with the success of your brand is the quality of your products. One of the supplement types this holds the truest with are fish oil supplements. The market today is full of so many brands and variations that could easily overwhelm you in the quest of getting the best fish oil quality to your consumers  [7]. Therefore, as a company which relies on fish oil as supplements of their products or as a consumer, there are critical factors which need to be determined while assessing the quality of fish oil:

Potency of Fish Oil

When it comes to the quality of the fish oil, one factor that cannot be overlooked is the potency. This refers to the amount of EPA and DHA (Omega-3 fatty acids) that are concentrated in the fish oil. EPA and DHA are the main components that end up providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the omega-3 oil. 

In addition, the ability of your supplements to support cardiovascular health, blood flow, and improve the level of cholesterol to the consumers will depend on the potency of the oil[8][9]. In today’s market, the higher the amount of EPA/DHA per capsule, the higher the quality of the oil [9]. In turn, it means that using this type of oil in your supplements will ensure that your consumers reap the most from the fish oil. On StockNutra we offer many different types of private label fish oil's with different variances in EPA and DHA levels. 

Freshness of Fish Oil 

Manufacturing your supplements using oil that has been oxidized will lead to poor tastes. All oils are susceptible to oxidation when they become exposed to factors such as heat, air or light [9]. Oxidized oil (rancid), when used in the manufacture of supplements will lead to inflammation issues in the bodies of the consumers. Bad tastes of the fish oil as a result of oxidation will also lead to poor supplements which may tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you get your fish oil resources from a reputable source such as StockNutra.com. It is a quality-based source that is dedicated to offering real products at unmatched prices efficiently.

Purity of Fish Oil

The fish oil quality will also be determined by this factor. A high-quality oil will have undergone the necessary testing from the government or third-party firms to ensure that it meets the purity measures that the manufacturer claims. This will ensure that the fish oil supplements that your brand makes will meet the optimum nutritional requirements [8][9].

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In turn, this will see to it that your consumers get the best. It will have a positive effect on the profitability and the overall success of your brand. The easiest way of verifying the purity of the fish oil is to request the manufacturers to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the specific batch that you have ordered.

This will provide you with the information on the exact content of the oil.

You will be able to comprehend the levels of the EPA and DHA, the oxidation levels as well as the toxins or potential harms present in the fish oil. This aids you with essential information that will help in determining whether your supplements will be worthwhile.

Luckily, satisfying your fish oil requirements from StockNutra,com guarantees you of purity. This manufacturer has certificates of analysis on all their products. They have taken their time to ensure that they get the best quality fish oil. From the moment you make an order with them, you are assured that you are getting the crème’ de la crème’ of the market. In turn, this will lead to the success of your supplement brand.

Where the Fish Oil is Sourced

The recent trend in the market is that brands in the supply chain are striving to ensure that all their activities are carried out in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is an important factor in this sector as it seeks to ensure that today’s actions do not maim tomorrow’s livelihood [8]. As such, you should seek a supplier that has sustainability as one of the key principles. In this, a good supplier will ensure that they harvest fish oil from species that are not under threat [8][9].

This way, the production process will never be halted. It ensures that your fish oil supplement brand is maintained all through. In addition, it will assure you of profitability day in day out. On the sustainability bit, suppliers that tend to care about tomorrow will in most cases provide quality products. Getting your oil from such a supplier almost guarantees you of good quality.

Why Quality Really Matters

Due to the deceptive nature of many suppliers, most supplement brands shy away from offering the fish oil supplements to the consumers. However, it would go without saying that if the above factors are considered keenly, including a fish oil supplement would guarantee success for your brand. The fish oil quality that in turn enables you to churn out top-notch supplements will speak for you. Your brand is bound to dominate the market as consumers are always willing to go with the supplement brand that gives the best. Including the fish oil supplement in your line will also ensure that your brand has an upper hand over competitors.

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Due to the fragility of the fish oil business, not many brands will be willing to venture into the sector. As a result, getting your act together and providing the best quality fish oil will ensure that your brand monopolizes the market. In addition, fish oil supplements are ‘gold mines’ in terms of the numerous health benefits they possess. These include:

Heart Health

In the current world setting, almost everyone is at risk of getting a heart condition. This has been contributed largely by the poor dietary patterns that most people engage in. However, most risk factors that lead to these heart conditions have been found to be reduced by the uptake of fish oil. This means that offering good quality fish oil will definitely increase the profitability of your firm. It also ensures that your brand contributes to the well being of the global society. For instance, even in small doses, the fish oil supplements have been found to reduce blood pressure [1][2].

Mental Disorders

Providing fish oil to the market will help in ensuring that mental disorders are kept at bay. Studies have shown that fish oil supplementation can prevent the onset and/or improve the symptoms of some mental disorders [3][4]. Including the fish oil supplement in your brand will hence reinforce your brand’s impact on the market.

Weight and Waist Circumference

Globally, around 39% of the population is overweight while around 13% are obese [6]. The situation is even worse in high-income countries [6]. Studies have shown that fish oil supplementation in combination with the necessary diet could aid in reducing fat [5]. Due to these facts, brands should view this as the perfect market gap. They should strive to provide the increasingly growing fish oil market with the best fish oil quality. Adopting the manufacturing of the fish oil supplements will act as a bonus to your brand. It may even turn out to be the primary selling point for your brand.

The fish oil has also been found to have positive effects on the skin, eyes, the liver, the immune system and generally the whole body. As a result, brands that seek to maximize their profits should turn on to this awesome product. ABH Pharma is a company that seeks to ensure that your brand gets the best fish oil for your supplement needs.

Their services are unmatched. They offer top-quality manufacturing services while at the same time ensure they hold the hands of both small brand owners and large corporations in the supplement world. They are unique in the sense that their customer support and sales teams are always ready to work with the clients in ensuring that they create the best products that will have an edge over competitors in the market.

The company also boasts of having FDA certification. This means that their fish oil products (ingredients) are of top quality. All their products will also have the certificate of analysis which is an assurance that their products are unmatched. Most companies in the market will never attach these certifications since their processes could be unethical or below standards. However, before including fish oil supplements in your brand line, it would be prudent to do an extensive research and which would be the best site other than stocknutra.com.

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