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Fish Oil Supplements For Kids

By Will Cartwright | | 0 Comments | 20 June, 2018

If you take a look at the market, you will notice that not a lot of supplement manufacturers are making fish oil for kids. What manufacturers may not be realizing is that they may be missing out on a vast market.

Children are notorious for refusing to eat certain foods. Especially foods that may be good for them. If your child is known for being picky they may be missing out on essential vitamins they may need for their growth.
What exactly do these children need?

Experts believe that omega-3 fatty acids link to the proper brain and eye development in children. This is why it is recommended that pregnant mothers include enough fatty fish into their diet. But what happens when your child refuses to consume these fatty fishes? It is always advised that small children absorb their nutrients from food. This way they can reap the benefits immediately.

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Guidelines recommend that children between the ages of 2-8 years are to consume 3-6 ounces of seafood per week. It is essential to balance out this seafood with enough omega-3 to balance their diet. Children ages nine years and older should consume 8-10 ounces per week.


Things To Remember About Fish Oil For Kids 

Children tend to have a particular taste. Majority of the fish oil on the market is not suitable or targeted for the consumtion by children. When creating fish oil for kid’s, manufacturers would need to create a formula that is somewhat appetizing for children. This way they are more likely to consume them and parents are more likely to buy them.

There are a few manufacturers that currently create fish oil for kids. They are available in many forms from liquid to even soft chews. They also come in a variety of flavors that aid in masking the fishiness.

Fish oil for kids is currently the new focus as more and more parents are finding it difficult to feed their kids the fish necessary. Fish oil has also been shown to be beneficially for children as it aids ADHD, asthma and helps to prevent certain types of cancers.


Why is Fish Oil For Kids Seen as Controversial?

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More recently persons are becoming more aware of what exactly goes inside their bodies. With so much access to information, the average consumer can research all the ingredients found in their supplement. They are even able to in deathly research the company that produces the supplements they are ingesting into their bodies.

It has caused a shift in consumers to products that are more organic and healthy. Companies are noticing that it pays to create a product that ultimately harms the consumer in the name of earning a profit. Supplement manufacturers are leaning towards making organic products and being more transparent with their consumers setting standards for all in the industry.

Fish oil for kids has been known to contain fillers. These fillers are to ensure the taste of the fish oil is one that the child will like. It helps them to enjoy their supplement and continue taking them on a regular basis. However many adult consumers shy away from taking supplements that contain any fillers or is not organic. So why should they trust a kids fish oil supplement that contains ingredients and additives that they would not ingest themselves?

Can children ingest fish oil geared towards adults?

Parents should always consult with a doctor before they consider feeding their children fish oil. Creating a kids fish oil supplement that already have the dosage amount takes the guesswork out for the parents and makes it easier for them. If the manufacturer chooses to be true to their consumers and create a healthier or organic fish oil supplement, parents can try simple tactics to get their children to take their supplement.

Mixing it into their foods is an excellent way to hide the taste and “trick” them into taking it. These tactics eliminate the need for companies to add any long-term harmful additives to any fish oil. Teaching and informing parents on how they can incorporate their child’s fish oil into their dishes is a good tactic for manufacturers to use to ensure their consumers are happy and retain customers.

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