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Gauging Profitability: Our Private Label Testosterone Boost Supplement

By Will Cartwright | Video & Graphic Archive | 3 Comments | 25 October, 2017

Hey guys, Frank Cantone here. President of ABH Pharma and thank you for tuning into this week’s product of the week. Today we want to assist you in getting into the vast testosterone boosting market. Testosterone boosters are being utilized by men of all ages. Whether it is younger men looking to increase physical performance or endurance during a workout/sporting event or older men looking to regain vitality and drive.  

As industry leaders we take time to analyze the market before we create a private label supplement.  Through research from Amazon retrieved by Jungle Scout we have found that now is an excellent time to invest in the testosterone boosting market with our Private Label Test BooserWith average monthly sales at 1,479 and an average price of $32.22 you could be looking at a potentially large profits in what we feel to be an unsaturated market.

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Our Private Label Test Booster's Profitability Potential Compared To Amazon Best Sellers:

1,479 (Average Sales) X $32.22 (Average Sell Price) = $49,132 (Revenue)

$49,132 X .15 (Amazon Fees) = $7,369 (Expense)

1,479 (Product Sales) X $4.14 (30% Discount Product Cost) = $6,123 (Expense)

 $49,132 (Revenue) - $7,369 - $6,123(Expenses) = $35,631 (Profit) X 12 = $427,572 (Annual Profit)

Our Private Label Test Booster is something we feel is highly marketable and is greatly beneficial for the end consumer. As we typically like to do we researched some of the best-selling products on Amazon to create a product that differentiates itself in the market place.

We start with a simple but well recognized vitamin and mineral blend containing vitamin D3 for overall health, zinc as an amino acid chelate as well as vitamin B3 in the nicotinic acid form for that immediate warm sensation upon taking the supplement to solidify it is working in the consumers mind.

Further down the list we get in to some of the most well-known herbal products for testosterone boosting and libido enhancement. We strive to use the most potent extracts and forms of ingredients we put in our private label supplements so you can boast about it on your labels. Starting with Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract coming in with 45% steroidal saponins. Next one of the newer/hotter testosterone boosting supplement ingredients Fenugreek Seed Extract with 50% steroidal saponins as well. Being able to claim the highest possible ingredient potency level on your label will show your consumer you are poise to giving them a product that really works.

Next we use Horny Goat Weed with the 10% icariin extract is the next ingredient. Icariin is the anabolic compound within the horny goat weed that responsible for it’s beneficial effects.

The most exciting ingredient we have incorporated in this supplement has been the focal point of two human studies regarding its benefits for increasing testosterone as well as decreasing estrogen. That ingredient is Boron Citrate. We are using 100mg of 5% elemental boron citrate yielding you 5 mg of boron every 3 capsules. That means with a serving size of 3 capsules a 1 month supply would be a 90-count bottle. We found for men that 3 capsules are the sweet spot as far as servings sizes go because of the satisfaction that comes with taking 90 pills in a month as appose to 30. The customer feels that they got a real value out of the number of capsules on top of getting results.

Next we’ve added Maca Root Powder sourced from Peru and Ashwagandha Extract (2.5% Withanolides). 

The final ingredient we could not forget in our testosterone boosting supplements was Tongkat Ali Extract. Our tongkat  ali is concentrated 100x over! It is also commonly referred to as eurycoma longifolia so which ever name you feel to be more marketable we can use on your label/bottle.

Bioperine with 95% piperine is something we include in all of our private label supplements because of its benefits to bioavailability. This allows you to give that final commitment to your customer to make sure their bodies are absorbing as much of these very potent ingredients as possible. When it comes to the delivery system we are sticking with our vegetarian capsule and organic flow agent Organiflo®. No magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide in this product!

Private label testosterone boosting supplements are great additions to supplement lines because of their effectiveness. Effective products mean longevity for the customer and the brand with a product that is prone to reorders.

We currently have 750,000 of our Stock Testosterone Capsules ready for your bottle and label! The different bottle types we offer are White HDPE, White PET, Clear PET, Amber PET, Cobalt Blue PET and Black (Dark Amber) PET. Offering anywhere from 90 count to 360 count bottles and label customization.

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This is one of if not the cleanest testosterone supplement on the market and we are proud to be able to give supplement distributors the chance to offer this on their brand with an MOQ of only 500 bottles! If you have any questions regarding this offer or any other service we offer at ABH Pharma please call 866-922-4669 and one of our knowledgeable sales executives will assist you. 

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