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Perfecting Your Dietary Supplement Label Design

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 0 Comments | 08 September, 2017

Your supplement labels need to work hard for your brand; they need to catch the eye of consumers, relay important information about the product inside and conform with Federal labeling standards.

Labeling can be overwhelming – so learning more about the process and what components matter most can help you get your labels in place, one step at a time.

Begin with a Defined Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t already considered your target audience, it’s time to do so. Knowing who your product line should appeal to most will help you create a brand image that truly resonates with the right demographic.

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The most recent statistics from the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) reveal the private label supplement sales are worth over $86.4 billion a year for retailers, so fully defining your target customer will help you cash in on the surging popularity of in-house supplementing.

Consider who your target customer is; are they:

  • Already fitness buffs or gym junkies looking to boost performance?
  • Parents concerned about their nutrition for their kids?
  • Older adults who want to get back into shape or stay in shape in the years to come?

Even these three groups have distinctly different needs when it comes to supplements and would be attracted totally different labels and product lines. Knowing and carefully defining your audience can help you create labels that truly resonate with buyers.

What Will Your Line Look Like on the Shelf?

It’s time to take a look at the shelves in your own store – and even in competing stores. How are bottles displayed, packaged and what colors, images and even fonts are most appealing? You need to keep that target customer in mind as you look, but getting a sense of what supplements targeted to your preferred market look like can help you create a unique look for your own brand that customers will intuitively understand and like.

Dietary Supplement Label Design Tips

Get the Big Details Down First

When you look at a supplement label, you notice the overall look and style, not the fine print and copy. Starting with the overall look you want can help you truly create a piece you’ll love. The colors you choose, your logo or image and even the style of the bold text or title all have a big impact on the overall look of your labels, so consider these carefully at the start.

Each of these visual elements plays a key role in the overall look of your individual containers and your line as a whole. Carefully consider your options when it comes to color, logo and print and you’ll be able to create a label line up that gets the results you want.

Color: What colors work best for your target market and the product itself?supplement label design image 3.jpg

We naturally associate different colors with different emotions and even qualities.

Blues are often seen as trustworthy, calm and soothing – so they are often an ideal option for supplements that aid relaxation and sleep.

Invigorating and alerting red, however, is likely more suited to supplements that boost energy levels or revitalize the user.

Using a cool, calm blue for a supplement mix designed to boost energy could be a mismatch; carefully considering the “mood” and emotions evoked by color can help you choose the right color scheme for your label design.

Font and Logo: The font you choose for your lettering on your label will play a big role in the overall look.

Test several fonts you like to see not only how they look, but if they are readable and consistent with your branding as well. That script font may be lovely, but it also may not be the best choice for your protein powder aimed at men, since it has a very feminine look.

Check for readability (by scaling the font down to the actual size you’ll use on your supplement label) and don’t use more than one or two fonts per label. Too many fonts ends up distracting the consumer and can even make your supplement labels look amateurish.

Text: Your actual written copy needs to clearly relay what your product does, what it is called and what makes it unique. Is it GMO free? Organic? Time-release? Any special elements you’ve included in your private label line need to be conveyed on the label, too; the consumer needs to know what makes your product special and what those features provide for them, they user.

Once you’ve covered these details, you can proceed on your own, work with a graphic designer or work with the supplement manufacturer you’ve chosen to create some mockups and concepts to choose from.

Partner with a Professional

Starting with a top-quality manufacturer for your private label supplements can help you create a brand identity and labels that are professional and get the results you want. The right supplement manufacturer can help you through the process and ensure that your customers get all the benefits you’re promising on the labels you design.

Include the Fine Print: You need to be aware of FDA regulations and comply with them when it comes to your label. Any health claims you make need to be aligned with all legal requirements. Your labels need to clearly list the active and inactive ingredients and provide consumers with everything they need to make a design about your product, without running afoul of regulations.supplement label design image 2.jpg

Incorporate technology: A QR code that directs users to your site for reordering purposes or that leads them to a specific landing page for more information can help boost your web traffic and make it easy for consumers to instantly find out more.

You’ll also need to include some information about your brand and how to get in touch; if you’ve chosen a great product, your buyer will want to get more once their initial supply runs out.

By carefully considering who will buy and use your products and studying the existing products in your space, you can get a good idea of where to start when it comes to your labels. The labeling process takes some time, but it is worth exploring properly, since the end result will have a big impact on your success.

Choose a Supplement Manufacturer that Supports Great Label Design

At ABH Pharma, we go well beyond the point where other manufacturer’s think your labels are “good enough”. Some manufacturers even print on plain paper with no lamination or protection. At ABH Pharma, we take a different approach.

We know your labels are a key selling point for your brand, so we make sure they not only look great and attract attention, but that they last as long as the product does. When labels wear away over time, it just doesn’t present a good brand image – our sharp, appealing and long lasting labels are designed to get you the results you want.

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Our wide range of artistic and appealing finishes includes both High Gloss and Semi Gloss, Metallics, Pearlescants and a full lineup of clear, frosted and matte finishes so you can get the exact label you want for your brand! Our graphic design services and packages could be the missing link you need in the chain of success in the supplement industry.

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