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Gummy Vitamin Market Expanding Over Time

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 12 January, 2018

For many supplement and vitamin brands, gummy vitamins continue to show potential. These soft, chewable, and often shaped vitamins and supplements address several key issues among consumers. In this blog, we look at why the gummy vitamin market is expanding over time and how that spells opportunity for supplement brands within the vitamin and supplement industry.

Gummy Vitamins Remove Barriers for Consumers

Gummy vitamins are opportunities for many supplement brands. These essential nutrients are not just for kids. Because gummy vitamins solve certain consumer problems, they attract new customers and helps brands to keep those customers happy. That is one of the reasons that gummy vitamins is an industry that is expected to top $4 Billion by 2025. Here is a closer look at the problems that they solve.

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Not a Pill to Swallow - For every person who does not like taking a pill, gummy vitamins are easy to chew and consume. That is a big plus for that segment of society that has a hard time swallowing pills 

Better Tasting and Enjoyable Flavoring - For everyone, child and adult, who does not like the taste of vitamin tablets and capsules, even those that are flavored, gummy vitamins offer a tastier approach. These soft, little, chewable vitamins are almost a treat.  

Healthy Reward - For many people, getting healthy and maintaining health means making sacrifices. Gummies are delectable and that means that people can reward themselves with these little bite-sized morsels which is no sacrifice at all. 

These are all reasons that are helping the gummy vitamin market not only to expand but to do so sustainably. They are also all marketing points that help supplement brands attract new customers to their label and to keep them. 

An Innovative Trend - Gummy Vitamin Market Opportunities

 It is no secret that supplements are a very competitive market. That is why it is important to make positive changes within your brand. In the following paragraphs, we discuss why gummy vitamins is a growing industry. With that mind, think about how to apply gummy technology to your brand and why doing so is important. 

The gummy industry is expected to hit $4.17 Billion in sales by 2025 with an expected CAGR of 5.2 Percent throughout the 2017-2025 sales years. This remarkable growth is both for single vitamin and multivitamin products - including supplements such as biotin. Further, the market demographic is large and offers a broad target market geographically, especially in the US. [1] Here is a closer look at these trends.

Market Trends and Insights

Gummy vitamins remain a hot search item via Google. As far back as 2004 "gummy vitamins" as a search term peaked at 84 percent. It has topped the 50 percent mark four times between 2004 and 2006. In 2011, it crested 50 percent again and this time sustained a positive growth rate. In 2017 it hit the 100 percent interest mark and will likely remain there. [2]

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This information is important to supplement marketers because it demonstrates the consuming publics desire to either find gummy vitamins for sale or to learn more about them. That growing interest spells opportunity, especially for smaller brands where gummy vitamins and supplements might not be offered. 

Does your brand offer gummy vitamins or supplements?

Broad Target Market

The market for gummies is huge and growing. That positive is a boom to supplement brands because it enables them to reach many buyer personas whether they sell online, via in-person retail, or both. Here's a closer look. 

Geographic - While the US is the biggest consumer of gummy vitamins, Europe and the Asia Pacific nations are also large markets. There is growth in Latin America and the Middle East making this form of vitamins a prime geographic target market, especially for those brands with an online presence. 

Age - originally, gummies were marketed for as a tool that enabled parents to get their children to take their vitamins. Today, gummies are for adults too. 

Socially - Gummies are prime for many groups of people from athletes to students and are an opportunity for supplement brands to reach the diet and beauty industry, sports and performance industries, health-conscious populations, etc. 

A quality supplement manufacturer can help you add gummy vitamins and supplements to your brand's offerings. Consider multivitamin blends that support, health, diet and weight loss, beauty, performance, nootropics, etc. The opportunities are almost endless and a good partner can help you develop blends that further enhance your supplement brand ability to target market. 

At ABH Pharma, we work with supplement brands to offer a variety of gummy products, including multiple shapes such as heart and gumdrops. We also have a line of  private label gummy vitamins available including Biotin and our Hair,Skin & Nails Formula! Reach out to our team for more information!

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Now, 2017, is a prime time to add gummy vitamins to your brand. As the market continues to unfold and with such positive expectations there remains a tremendous opportunity for supplement brands to capture market share in this growing industry. 

Deeper Insight

[1] Global Gummy Vitamins Market: Snapshot - Transparency Market Research

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Written by Will Cartwright

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