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How a Nutrition Company Can Explain The Value of Nutrition

By Will Cartwright | | 1 Comment | 14 February, 2019

Across the United States, American health is a huge concern. While this does deal with the high statistics in regards to obese Americans, there are other problems with nutrition as well.

This is why the world of supplements is not just growing but it is very important. That way, people get the proper nutrition for their everyday lives through convenient supplements. Here at ABH Pharma, our number one goal is not just to be a great custom supplement manufacturer. We aim to deliver nutrition to Americans all throughout the country.

Data shows that 13% of the overweight population across the globe lives in the United States. This is staggering since the United States population only makes up 5% of the worlds population. Other data shows that Americans do not eat the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, or dairy products. So there is a clear need for a high-quality nutrition company. We aim to be this company!

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Results Through Testing: The Process

What makes ABH Pharma more than just a supplement manufacturer? We aim to be a nutrition company and a manufacturer all at once. This is done through extreme attention to detail all throughout the formula creation process. After, we go through a long period of testing. That way, we fix any potential hazards before products hit the shelves. Here is just how our process works:

The Formula

Your supplement brand is only as good as the formula. This is why ABH Pharma works tirelessly to create a custom and effective formula. We can create gummy vitamins and soft gels alike.

All the while, we take pride in our Quality control department. An airtight system aimed at only producing high-quality products. We do not let a bad formula or product get by our quality control department. Furthermore, we also create such a vast array of supplements. Thus, we should meet your needs and requirements.

The Testing

Next, we focus on rigorous testing. As we just mentioned, a supplement brand only goes as far as the formula. Well, an unsafe formula is the quickest way to the recall list.

The recall list is the quickest way to leak money from your supplement brand. In the process, this ruins the reputation of your brand’s name. So we recognize the importance of proper testing. This is why we do everything in-house. Our team tests for identity, heavy metals, potency, and identity. This guarantees our formula and your supplement are safe.

Not every manufacturer provides testing on products. As a result, this leaves you in a tough spot. After all, how can you access the expensive and comprehensive lab equipment for your tests?

Instead, ABH Pharma does all of the hard work for you. We offer in-house testing before we finish your product. So you can rest easy knowing the formula is not just great, it is also safe. Save yourself the time, stress, and efforts on personal tests. Let our team handle this process for you.

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The Labeling

Finally, our last part of the process involves packaging and labeling. Why does this matter? Because the FDA has strict rules and regulations when it comes to product labels.

As a matter of fact, this can be just as bad as selling a harmful product. Improper labeling can be harmless on your end. But, that does not matter to the FDA. So one minor mistake can potentially lead to ruin. Safe to say, is unwise to not take labeling incredibly serious.

The in-house process here at ABH Pharma separates us from other manufacturers. As mentioned before, we will provide you with testing in our price. That way, you do not worry about any potential safety hazards. Plus, we will take care of your packaging and the nutrition labels.

We do this to provide you and your brand with the best possible results. However, you are not the only person we have in mind!

We believe in providing nutrients to the people. Supplements offer so many wonderful benefits. We want to share these benefits with customers. Thus, our team will not falter labeling your vitamins and supplements. Instead, the labelers double check and our quality control staff acts as another layer of protection. That way, your supplements leave our family with accurate and transparent labeling.

The Goals Of This Nutrition Company?

Daily supplements can do a lot for your overall health in particular needs. Remember, some of the most common supplements come in the form of vitamins. This can range from Collagen to Biotin and even includes simpler vitamins like Vitamin D.

Each vitamin delivers a special benefit and result. This includes improving the strength and condition of hair, restoring healthy skin quality, and even providing the proper amount of protein on a daily basis.

Supplements and vitamins are not just for one particular crowd. The Council for Responsible Nutrition revealed that nearly 68% of all adults take dietary supplements.

This can include consumers older in age and also reaches younger children. For instance, the body requires a nutrient called Vitamin B12. Basically, Vitamin B12 maintain the health of your nerves and blood cells while also making DNA. Vitamin B12 can even prevent mesoblastic anemia.


Vitamin B12 can come by way of meat, poultry, fish. In some cases, you might get enough Vitamin B12 food. But, some people may not be able to get this from their diet for a number reasons. This is where supplements step in to help consumers. This is exactly why we work so hard to create high-quality supplement formulas with great packaging and labeling!

There are plenty of supplement manufacturers out there. But, they are only manufacturers. Yes, ABH Pharma is a manufacturer. However, we are so much more than just a maker of supplements. Instead, our goal is to deliver high-quality nutrients to consumers. So we take pride in our work as a nutrition company and a supplement manufacturer. That way, consumers receive the proper nutrition they need!

Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

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