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How the Best Supplement Companies Use & Track Social Media Influencers

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 0 Comments | 23 October, 2017

Finding influencers who will boost awareness of your  supplement brand and striking a deal is only part of the equation when it comes to using this powerful approach to marketing. Once you’ve forged a connection with a nutraceutical market influencer and their base, you need to determine how to track the effectiveness and performance of each person you’ve connected with.

It is essential to track your influencer marketing metrics to see how well this particular method is working for you. In many cases, technology can make a difference and allow you to see which influencers are driving quality traffic for your supplement brand.

How Effective Are your Social Media Influencers?

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All influencers are not the same, and each will bring a different quality and form of traffic to your site. It is important to note that numbers aren’t the only metric that matters.

An influencer with a high follower count is a nice start, but those followers need to be authentic, interested in the benefits of nutraceutical market and relevant for your supplement brand! With millions of bots out there you see many influencers with inflated follower counts so be weary!

Some recent research indicates that engagement levels can actually drop if follow numbers get too high, so consider all of your metrics when you look at the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Tracking metrics via technology and discovering what your click thru rates (CTR), conversion rates and cost per lead (CPL) rates are can all help you determine the effectiveness of your program and ensure it aligns with your marketing goals. If you are learning how to market supplements with influencer marketing, then measuring results from the start allows you to swiftly get a handle on how this method works and which approaches are best for your brand. Use these methods to see how well your brand is leveraging the power of influencer marketing and to determine what you can do to get the best possible ROI for your nutraceutical company.

Incorporate Tracking Links

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You can’t use them everywhere (some social platforms don’t allow tracking links), but using tracking links wherever you can will give you an accurate look at your clicks.

The metrics revealed here can let you know the source of an individual click, so you can tell at a glance which visits are being generated by your influencers.

In addition to letting you know the source of a click, a tracking link can also help direct a visitor to the right landing page for their needs.

This type of link can determine if your visitor is using a mobile device, what language they speak and even the geographic area they are visiting from, allowing you to truly customize their experience. A link shortener can help you add relevant content and custom tailor your link for tracking purposes.

Offer Coupon or Promo Codes

These are easy to track and have the added benefit of giving the influencer something special to share and promote to followers. You’ll create a discount code that contains the influencers name or site name; when users check out, you’ll be able to tell immediately where they came from. Typical coupon codes include both the discount amount and influencer’s name:

Enter code: Deebo92

Use code: Deebo92 to get 20% off

Here is an example of a supplement company using a professional athlete as a social media influencer on Instagram. 

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A promo code tracks sales, not visits, but is an excellent way to spot which influencers are driving traffic that converts and pushing extremely high quality leads your way.

Best Supplement Companies Follow Post Engagement/Conversions

Sales and clicks are fairly straight forward; it becomes a little more difficult to track post-engagement metrics or the overall quality of social traffic. Including “where” questions in your newsletter signup or account creation can help you identify traffic arriving from an influencer. In your influencer arrangement, stress the importance of knowing which traffic they are sending –they will often take a proactive approach and remind followers to say who recommended your site or product.

Carefully tracking performance with real metrics and following along with your influencers as they talk up your product and your brand can help reveal which individuals and platforms are performing best for your brand. Once you have some real figures in hand, you can continue to refine your program to ensure you are getting the best possible results and ROI from your efforts.



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