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How To Manufacture A Custom Protein Powder For Your Brand

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship, Frequently Asked Questions | 0 Comments | 01 May, 2017

Today’s sports nutrition and dietary supplement market is absolutely flush with custom protein powders- and a for very good reason.

These products are effective, nutritious, easy to use, convenient- and they can be made to taste like fruit or chocolate milk. So what’s not to love?The only problem for those of us in the industry is where can we find our niche in a market that is grossly overpopulated by thousands on thousands of different protein powders and shakes? Don’t fret, because where there’s a will there’s a whey.

We’re going to help you to learn how to make custom protein powder for shakes that are sure to hit the spot- because they’re custom.

How is Protein Powder Made?

To produce the protein powder that we all know and love, milk is first put through cheese processing, and then the whey is siphoned off.

The whey protein isolate is then spray-dried to become what we call protein powder.

The whey isolate is then micro-filtered to make the whey isolate. After that, the whey is gathered up and pumped into the whey protein manufacturing section of the facility where the process is finalized.

How to Create a Custom Protein Powder that Sells

You want to create a protein powder that stands out from the crowd, and sells like hotcakes- and while there are a number of steps that have got to be followed to pull that off, there is one thing that eludes so many up and comers- the ability to differentiate.

That’s why we need to become an expert in making custom protein powder blends so that we can innovate, and turn on a dime when we need to churn out a different product.

Ask yourself if selling hemp protein powder or whey protein powder would be better for the demographic you are trying to sell to.

Health or Fitness?

I know, it doesn’t sound like a distinction that you really want to have to make- but it matters.

The fact is some types of protein are good at building muscle, and others are better for your overall health.

This is essentially because of the fact that our bodies are not well adapted to digesting whey protein. This is why 75% of people have lactose intolerance- that’s an allergy to milk.

But whey protein is quickly absorbed and is good for building those wonderful muscle fibers that we all love so very much.

This means if you want to make a powder for the gym crowd, whey protein is what the doctor ordered.

But if you want to market your protein powder to the health food demographic, then you want to make your product using plant based protein.

Customizable Flavors

Alright, now if you’re into the idea of being able to create custom protein powder flavors on the fly- we’re with you.

Generally consumers prefer protein shakes with vanilla powder or chocolate but these other options can give them more variety.

Using these simple methods, you can create the best protein powder for shakes


Next, try fruit! Either fresh or frozen fruit will do- and frozen can make for a nice way to cool off in the summer heat that will be heading our way in just a few weeks.


Or, if you’re feeling nutty, add some nuts. They are full of nutrients including, you guessed it, protein! Nuts are also great for your digestive health, so don’t be shy.


Probiotics, like yogurt, are a great way to control the consistency of your shake and add a range of interesting flavors.

And it’s never a bad idea really because it’s pretty hard to get too much probiotic- which is crucial to your overall health.

Natural Sweeteners

Sweeteners may be a no-no on a lot of lists, but not all of them are bad- and some of the best sweeteners are also the most flavorful.

Honey, for example, is full of complex carbs which are good for you and which your body loves as fuel.

Unpasteurized honey has probiotics as well.

Other excellent and healthy sweetening options are molasses, palm sugar, coconut sugar, and dates.

All of these options are great to make the protein powder for shakes taste better.

Just be sure to stay away from artificial sweeteners, they are very unhealthy, and addictive.

Using the Old Shake Bar Promotional Routine as Real-Time Market ResearchHow to manufacture your own custom protein powder for your brand.jpg

Running a custom protein shake bar is easy to do, and it’s a great way to drum up some excitement in your shop.

You don’t have to do it all the time. In fact, it’s better for business if you keep it special, and use this little gimmick to draw attention to special events and deals.

Before too long you’ll be an expert in turning out delicious and healthy protein shakes.

The best part is, by making all these specialty protein drinks for your clients and customers- there’s a very good chance that you’ll hit on a protein shake product idea that will fly off of the shelves!

Supplement Entrepreneurship, Frequently Asked Questions

Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

Will is a master of digital marketing in the vitamins & supplements space. He has years experience selling supplements on Google, self-hosted websites, Amazon, Facebook and much more. CLICK HERE to learn more about how Will can help your nutraceutical brand dominate digital marketing.

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