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Increase in Sales of Ashwagandha Capsules

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 1 Comment | 15 November, 2017

Ashwagandha offers homeostasis benefits. In medical terms - adaptogen - helps your body to adjust to and manage daily stresses. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal root (Ayurvedic) with a modern application across many ailments from bipolar disorder to erectile dysfunction and even fibromyalgia. [1] [2]

Interest in Ashwagandha Is Growing 

From 2004 though late 2010 there was little online interest in Ashwagandha, but from late 2010 through the present, interest in this Ayurvedic herb has grown. Today, it is ranking at 100 percent on Google Trends, which tracks internet searches over a period of time. [3] In fact, the primary interest in this herb is from India and the United States. People are searching for Ashwagandha capsules Benefits and Ashwagandha Benefits and some specialized terms such as Ashwagandha capsules Patanjali - which show its' interest from India. 

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From a marketing perspective, Ashwagandha is a hot commodity. Part of the demand is because this herb does so many things. It reaches across a wide target market. There are a lot of factors pushing this herb. Those include:

  • Millennials - The most connected group of consumers on the planet and they outnumber baby boomers. Millennials are very interested in herbs and supplements and why not. They are poised to inherit a world where antibiotics are failing. This is also a group that holds a deeper understanding of what proactive health means and what it can accomplish. 
  • Baby Boomers - Boomers, are looking for supplemental health products either to treat themselves or to find products that work in conjunction with traditional medications. Ashwagandha has a lot to offer boomers. The herb shows great promise as an anti-inflammatory [4]. It also was shown to help with lowering lipids (fats in the blood) and even to improve sleep quality in exploratory studies. [5]
  • Men - A pilot study that appeared on the US National Library of Medicine's site and that was published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine [6] found that Ashwagandha showed great promise when dosed appropriately as a potential treatment for male sexual dysfunction. 

In terms of marketing, Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (or similar ailment) represent a very large and diverse target market. As a supplier of private label supplements, it seems hard to not do well with a product that offers Ashwagandha as the main ingredient. In fact, there is plenty of room with this product to customize a variety of products that better fit each of the segments within the target market. 

In short, there is great potential with this product to not only sell to millennials and baby boomers, for potentially even into the same type of demographics for medicines such as viagra for both men and women. A study that appeared in BioMed Research International and that was found on the US National Library of Medicine's site showed that Ashwagandha has a positive effect on women and as a potential treatment for female sexual disorders. [7]

An article that appeared in Nutraceuticals World quotes sources from Sabinsa as stating that Ashwagandha has a 35 percent increase in sales in 2014 and that the expectation was that such growth would continue through the near future. [8] If you take that quote and pair it with the results of Google Trends, it is not difficult to see why Ashwagandha is a must for private label supplement suppliers. The growth of what these types of supplements can do is phenomenal. 

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Since the Google Trends source runs through 2016 and most of 2017, the prediction for continued growth and sales seems solid. 

Ashwagandha touches nearly everyone's life as a preventative supplement. Not only does it help men and women with sexual dysfunction but also shows promise as an anti-inflammatory. In terms of marketing, this could potentially rival turmeric as the go-to anti-inflammatory supplement.

Does Your Brand Need Ashwagandha?

The potential of this supplement is huge, and it is a focus of the supplement consumer. If you were to point to one single supplement as an offering to everyone, it would likely be Ashwagandha. The diversity of its market and the many roles it plays in self-treatment are huge. Can your brand benefit from such a power player? Most likely it can. This is the perfect supplement to market to both men and women and young and aging. Every brand can benefit from the dynamics of the target market that surrounds Ashwagandha. 

Ashwagandha is a 5,000-year-old herbal treatment that is showing more and more potential within the supplement marketplace. It offers a wide range of benefits across an even wider range of buyer personas. This is a powerhouse of potential that is well-known among supplement consumers and a natural fit within private label supplement brands. 

For more information about adding Ashwagandha to your supplement brand reach out to the professionals at ABH Pharma. We source the highest grade Ashwagandha for our custom blended supplements so that your products always stand out from the crowd. 


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