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Watch Our Bosch Capsule Filling Machine In Action (VIDEO)

By Will Cartwright | Video & Graphic Archive, ABH Pharma Company News | 1 Comment | 07 August, 2017

At ABH Pharma, we recognized the brilliance behind The Bosch Capsylon 1505. This is an automated encapsulating machine that is a marriage between the technology and needs of the nutraceutical manufacturing industry and the technology and mechanical expertise of Bosch.

For ABH Pharma, this machine made sense, and it works well for all of our customer's capsule manufacturing projects because consistent capsule production is always our goal. The Bosch Capsylon 1505 offers consistent batch, quality encapsulating and makes smaller batches simpler.

The Bosch Capsylon 1505 Offers Versatilitybosch capsylon 1505 capsule production image 1

The Bosch Capsylon 1505 is one machine that handles many products. It easily encapsulates a wide range of material from herbs to powders, and it does so with efficiency and consistency.

It even handles specialized products such as those that are sticky, fibrous, and even those that are abrasive.

It works with ingredients that are either in powder form, pellets, or granules. It also makes it easy and affordable for ABH Pharma to offer our clients more services and superior prices without diminishing quality. 

That versatility is made possible by the engineering mastery of Bosch. Not only does the Bosch Capsylon 1505 handle many component types it cleans up easily, offers short batch runs, and quick format changeover. In short, it will handle whatever you throw at it, clean up nicely, and be ready for the next project. 

Meets or Exceeds the GMP Standards

At ABH Pharma we love anything that helps us to deliver the best product to our clients. That is why the 1505 is so exciting to us. First, the high cleaning standards that Bosch built into the 1505 keeps the unit sanitary.

Secondly, it has a system that ejects faulty capsules so that your run batch remains in top shape with less outer capsule residue and contamination.

Third, it is designed to meet multi-industry standards without losing its cost/performance ratio. At peak performance, the 1505 produces 92,000 capsules per hour from 11 segment bores. All of those features mean that ABH Pharma can deliver high-quality products to all of our customers without the higher cost and without sacrificing quality. 

Value Added Features

The unit is fully automated which reduces labor which ABH Pharma passes on to our customers. 

bosch capsylon capsule production blog image 2.jpg

The mechanism of filling is precise, which means that each capsule is exact in weight and dosage regardless of the content of the capsules - sticky, powdered, granules, abrasive, or fibrous. 

That means that on the consumer end, your product is uniform and consistent which helps with brand elevation and with building consumer trust.

These are benefits that ABH Pharma looks for when buying equipment. We want your business to succeed because your success is our success!

Ease of Use

Bosch made the 1505 easy to use. It has a touch screen so that you can easily cycle the machine. There are only a few tools needed to completely clean the unit, and all the operator has easy access to all product contact parts making cleaning a snap.

It is designed to handle frequent changes across medium-sized batches so that we can handle many small and medium-sized orders quickly while maintaining the GPM standards and without sacrificing quality control features. 

Overall, this is a machine that produces 92,000 capsules per hour and is easy to clean. Its' design allows ABH Pharma to offer many small- to medium-sized batches/runs per day.

The result is that we can help your private label brand deliver consistent quality at affordable prices. We are confident you will be happy with your nutraceutical manufacturing that we will give you 5% OFF  your purchase if you are a new customer if you reference this machine! Click below to send in your quote request and claim your discount!

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