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Investment Opportunity in Fish Oil for Dogs

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 0 Comments | 02 October, 2017

As human beings grow increasingly more mindful of the importance of being proactive about health, their interest in vitamins and supplements rises accordingly. From there, it’s only natural that the most conscientious pet owners start looking for the same health benefits for their oil for dogs image 1.jpgIf you want to be truly ahead of the curve with your softgel manufacturer, you’ll want to create products that cater to this audience. One of the most effective and beneficial pet supplements for dogs (and cats) is fish oil.

Fish oil is exceedingly popular with people looking to enhance their health and quality of life in a range of areas. Fish oil is loaded with omega 3s, a class of antioxidants that have known benefits for numerous facets of health including the following:

Joint Health: Many breeds of dogs, especially larger dogs, tend to have issues with their hips, knees, shoulders and other joints. Fish oil can bring tremendous benefits to the joints, strengthening them and facilitating smooth functioning.

Ideal Cholesterol Levels: Taking fish oil helps to regulate cholesterol levels in positive ways. It can assist in lowering “bad” (LDL) cholesterol while raising “good” (HDL) for better overall health.

Heart Health: With better cholesterol levels and blood pressure, heart health is augmented. General cardiovascular health is improved and risk of heart attack is reduced.

Anti-aging / Longevity: The antioxidants in fish oil help to protect the cells against oxidation. This helps to preserve health and an energy of youth and vitality. The aging process is slowed down, health is improved and longevity is extended.

Healthier Hair, Nails and Skin: The omega 3s in fish oil are also highly beneficial to the look of the hair, nails and skin. Hair is glossier, shinier and more healthy looking. The hair and nails grow in stronger. The skin retains a healthy glow and a “dewy” look.

Fish oil for dogs bring all of these same benefits to our four-legged family members. Fish oil contains two essential fatty acids: DHA and EPA. DHA is crucial to brain health, nervous system functioning, eye health, the development of young pets and preventing cancer. EPA is highly anti-inflammatory and helps to improve heart health, kidney health, allergies, joint health and other inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Both are forms of omega-3 fatty acids that are not readily made and synthesized within the systems of dogs and cats. While feeding animals oil fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies or herring can help provide them with these nutrients, offering them a supplement is far more convenient.

In addition to all of the benefits discussed above, some of the additional fish oil benefits more specific to animals include the following:

Improved Immune System Health: Pets that are given fish oil receive immune system support that helps defend them from a range of illnesses. They are less prone to a range of health issues related to the heart, kidneys and other organs. Just like with humans, their systems are just generally stronger when they take a daily fish oil supplement.
Cancer Prevention: Hand in hand with a healthier immune system is a reduced risk of getting all types of cancer. The antioxidant properties of omega 3s within fish oil protect deep at the cellular level, warding off the processes that can lead to cancer and tumor growth.

Skin and Coat: Just as with humans, fish oil brings health benefits to the exterior of the body as well. A dog or cat’s coat will glow and shine naturally when they are taking a fish oil supplement each day.

fish oil for dogs image 2.jpgAs you can see, fish oil for dogs brings tremendous value to a pet’s health and quality of life. Pet owners in turn get to enjoy happier, healthier pets that live longer and stay in good health. The demographic of health-conscious pet owner continues to grow and is ripe for products like fish oil for dogs and fish oil for cats.

The fish oil manufacturing process for humans is essentially the same for fish oil for dogs. It will not be a big leap to package and market your fish oil products to pet owners. In fact, the requirements are less stringent so you will be able to get your products to market quite easily.

Private label fish oil allows you exclusivity with this product for both humans and pets. It is highly recommended that you go this route with your vitamin and supplement products for both humans and pets. ABH Pharma is well versed in every facet of creating private label fish oil, and we can help make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

private label fish oil


Interest in the booming pet supplement industry is growing with companies like yours. Offering private label fish oil for dogs can help you to service this part of the marketplace. At ABH Pharma, we’re very experienced in the fish oil manufacturing process and private label fish oil. Count on us to be your partner in this endeavor, and contribute to the health, well being and quality of life of both pets and their owners.



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