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Manufacturing Beef Protein Isolate

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 29 June, 2018

There has been an increase in the popularity of beef protein isolate powder as more and more people move towards adopting a diet that is higher in protein for health reasons. Whey protein and casein protein powders are pretty popular, but in recent times there has been an increase in the popularity of beef protein isolate powder.

Protein manufacture is currently at an all-time high for use in the health and wellness industry. Here we want to look at beef protein isolate manufacturing to include how it is made and what sets this type of protein apart from the rest of the protein powder supplements on the market.

Beef Protein Isolate Manufacturing

If you own a supplement line, you want to keep up with the industry demands and right now consumers are demanding beef protein isolate powders. You want to create a unique product that will compete well with the market leaders. You want your product to taste great while being nutrient rich and you want it to provide consumers with a product that meets their needs and helps them to achieve their goals.

How Beef Protein Isolate is Manufactured

Beef Protein Isolate Manufacturing

Beef protein isolate is unique when compared to the other types of protein powder on the market. Manufacture typically happens in three stages to get from beef flesh to beef protein isolate powder.

The process of manufacturing beef protein isolate starts off with acquiring the best quality beef flesh. This beef flesh is then boiled down in large vats. The process of boiling down the beef flesh in this manner creates a liquid that is very nutrient enriched. The liquid is high in all of the essential amino acids as well as the branched chain amino acids.

After boiling down the flesh, the resulting liquid is then skimmed to remove the carbohydrate and fat content. This leaves a liquid with a high protein concentration. The protein concentration of the liquid is over 98% of amino acids which is what makes this type of beef protein so beneficial – its high protein content.

The liquid beef amino acids are then spray dried to create the end product – the beef protein isolate powder. Further processes such as test are conducted on each batch of protein manufactured. There is in house testing as well as their may be third party testing depending on which company is manufacturing the product and what their usual procedures for testing are. After testing then the processes of packaging, labeling and distribution ensue. 

Benefits of taking Beef Protein Isolate

It is easily and rapidly absorbed.
One of the main benefits that beef protein isolate has over other types of protein is that it can be easily and quickly absorbed by the human body. This is due to the hydrolyzation process which allows the protein to be more bioavailable. This isn’t new information as beef has always been thought to be one of the best proteins for aiding in muscle building. A beef protein isolate powder has way less fat and carbohydrate than beef flesh itself, and so it offers better anabolic benefits for building muscle.

It is high in Amino Acid Content.
Beef protein powder has a very high amino acid content with all the essential amino acids and other non-essential ones as well. When you compare the amino acid profile of beef protein isolate it compares easily with standard whey protein products on the market. Naturally high in amino acids such as proline, glycine, glutamic acid, arginine and alanine and providing a significant amount of valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

It is high in Functional Protein Content.
Beef protein has one of the highest concentrations of functional protein. This is demonstrated in the protein content of a standard 30gram serving of beef protein isolate powder which contains 29.5g protein with no carbs and less than 1g of fat. This makes this type of protein powder an excellent choice for those who want a clean animal-based protein powder that is totally uncompromised.

It is Paleo Friendly.
Beef protein isolate conforms to the Paleolithic diet since it is free from carbohydrates. The Paleo diet is very restrictive of carbohydrates which makes this a great protein powder for those who want to ensure they are keeping up with their diet guidelines.

It is excellent for people that suffer from dietary limitations.
Dietary limitations can prevent some people from ingesting certain supplements. This type of protein, on the other hand, tends to be safe for people with most types of common dietary limitations. It is safe for those who have problems with dairy, soy, and gluten. Beef protein isolate is soy free, gluten free and dairy free, as well as hypoallergenic.

It is combinable with other protein powders.

You can combine beef protein isolate with a number of animal-based protein powders to create a unique blend specific to the user’s goals. This is a great benefit for companies that are looking to get a niche product for users who are looking for a specific need to be fulfilled. With quite a bit of protein powder options on the market, creating a unique blend with other powders included could be what you need to set your brand apart from the rest and become the new market leader.

Great by itself or mixed with savory flavors.

Beef protein isolate has a savory flavor by itself, people who like this type of flavor will enjoy this product. When it comes to taste, it tends to be saltier when compared to other types of protein powders. There is also that peculiar savory taste of these powders, so we don’t recommend that you mix this type of protein powder with fruit and fruit flavors. Your best bet is to mix it with flavors such as peanut butter, chocolate, and vanilla. You can also find it ready for purchase in the flavors mentioned above. 

Beef Protein Isolate Manufacturing for Private Label Supplement Providers

If you are considering adding a beef protein isolate powder supplement to your product listing you want to ensure that you do proper market research. This allows you to create a product that your audience will purchase and love enough to keep repurchasing.

Your target market will dictate the guidelines for creating your product and will help you to see if beef protein isolate should be your protein source of choice. Ensuring that you have the market for this type of supplement will ensure your future success and the success of your line of supplements.

Packaging is essential when it comes to supplements longevity, efficacy and also customer appeal. There are many different types of packaging options available for powder supplements from bottles to bags. Labeling is typically where the attraction factor comes into play.

Beef isolate protein powder is a great option, and its demand continues to steadily increase as more and more people are trying to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. We can help you create the best beef protein isolate for your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are just entering the industry or if you just need to add this type of powder to your current product line. We can supply you with product and provide support at every step of the process as necessary.



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