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Manufacturing A Red Yeast Rice Supplement

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 0 Comments | 27 April, 2018

Red yeast rice extract is sold as a supplement which has the ability to lower cholesterol in a similar way that cholesterol medications work. Because it is natural and gives the same results as a drug it is quite appealing. The extract has been used in Asian countries for many years as a traditional medicine to aid poor digestion and circulation. It provides control over cholesterol levels thanks to its isoflavone, sterol, monacolin K and healthy fat content. Below we look at how and why red yeast rice extract helps to control cholesterol and the other benefits that can be received by supplementing with RYR.

Red yeast rice is a bright red rice that is fermented. It gets its reddish purple color due to the fact that it is cultivated with Monascus purpureus which is a mold culture. In Japanese it is referred to as koji which means “bean overgrown with a mold culture”. As such Red Yeast Rice is also called Red Rice Koji in some places.

Marketable Benefits of Supplements with Red Yeast Rice

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It Helps to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Supplements containing red yeast rice can be taken as a natural way to lower high cholesterol levels. The ingredient that is responsible for this effect is Monascus Purpureus which stops the enzyme which is responsible for forming cholesterol in the body. The supplement works to lower cholesterol in the same way that cholesterol drugs work.

There have been a number of studies that show that red yeast rice extract does in fact help to lower cholesterol levels. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 2010 as well as a study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation both show that red yeast rice extract helps to lower total cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol levels.

Though we only mention two studies here, there are quite a number of studies that have proven that red yeast rice extract does help to reduce cholesterol levels as well as statin medications does.

 It Could Lower the Symptoms of Muscle Fatigue

A study done in 2017 showed that supplementing with red yeast rice extract helps to lower the symptoms of muscle fatigue in persons who were not using statins but instead taking an RYR supplement.  The study consisted of two groups of people, one group was taking statins and the other group was placed on a RYR supplement. Persons on statins were less active than those that were taking the RYR supplement while they both had the same cholesterol lowering effects. They purport that the symptoms of muscle fatigue prevented those on statins from being more physically active.

Could Assist in the Management of Obesity

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2015 looked into RYR’s efficacy in treating both high cholesterol and obesity as these two problems typically occur together. The study consisted of 5 groups. The group that supplemented with red yeast rice did not gain any weight and their atherogenic index actually saw improvement.  The study results concluded that supplementation with RYR extract has the potential to treat hyperlipidemia and also obesity. This is great news as often times both these problems are experienced together.

It Could Helps to Reduce the Biomarkers for Oxidative Stress

A 2017 study showed that red yeast rice and olive extract supplements can help to reduce metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is identified in persons who have three or more lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol. Together these all lead to a higher risk of heart disease. Supplementation with red yeast rice extract can help to reduce one’s chances of metabolic syndrome if they don’t already have it. For those who are already suffering from metabolic syndrome supplementation can help reduce their risk for heart problems.

It Could Improve Insulin Sensitivity

A 2012 study published in the World Journal of Cardiology shows that red yeast rice extract helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. This is another way the supplement can help persons with metabolic syndrome as it will help to lower cholesterol levels and also blood sugar levels.

When Red Yeast Rice was First Used in Supplements? 

Red yeast rice may be relatively new to the western world but it has been in use for many, many decades. Red yeast rice has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and herbology since 800 AD during the Tang Dynasty in China. Researchers in Japan and the United States isolated Aspergillus and monacolins in the late 1970’s. The latter is the fungus used to make RYR. Then, in 1998 the FDA initiated an action to ban a number of products on the market that contain red yeast rice noting that it is identical to lovastatin. RYR products then disappeared from the market for a couple years before re-emerging again in 2003. 

Supplements that Include Red Yeast Rice

In 2016 there were a minimum of 30 different brands of red yeast rice supplements on the market. Sellers can avoid the FDA restriction by not having monacolin content and typically have “fermented according to traditional Asian methods” on their labels. The labels typically do not claim to lower cholesterol either and so they are not subject to FDA action. Some of these supplements will only have trace amounts of monacolin and still don’t have to fear action from the FDA.

Experimenting with Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast rice is consumed in Asia on a regular basis with estimates of people eating 14 to 55 grams per day. It is not only consumed in that way but also in powdered form that is used as an additive to foods. The Powdered red yeast rice is used in Chinese communities across North America and in Asian countries to color foods such as vinegar, tofu, cheese, pastries, meat and fish. It is noted that adding it to some foods provides a subtle change in taste which is quite enjoyable. RYR powder can also be added to some alcoholic beverages. Some Japanese sakes and Korean rice wines also include red yeast rice and it gives these beverages a reddish tint.

Why Create a Custom Formulated Red Yeast Rice Supplement with ABH?

By creating a custom formula with us your product will be of the highest quality product that will help your end users lower their cholesterol. We make sure to only manufacture with ingredients in their most potent form. Our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility right her in the United States and each production batch undergoes rigorous quality testing. 

Adding a supplement with RYR to your current supplement line could be just the product to help increase your profit and put your brand name on the tips of consumer’s tongues across the world. Let ABH Pharma help you formulate a red yeast rice supplement today.

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