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MCT Oil Benefits Weight Loss & People Are Noticing

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 1 Comment | 13 February, 2017

When Martin Stuart injured his knee playing flag football at the company’s yearly outdoors weekend event, his life took an unexpected downturn.

Martin had always been the athletic type.

He ran track in high school, hiked the Appalachian Trail with his fraternity brothers in college and the people in his office considered him a workout warrior.

Beyond regular trips to the gym, he maintained a mostly healthy diet. You wouldn’t catch him in a fast food drive through, but he liked a good pizza and

wings when watching sports on TV with his buddies.

He was never one to fear a few extra calories, because he could always log an extra mile or two on the tread mill.

But his ability to control body fat took a hit with that knee injury.

After a successful surgery, Martin regained full use of his injured knee.

He was very thankful for the doctors’ work and the care he received. But doctors told him that even after he completed rehab, it wouldn’t be wise to overdue things.

They meant that the knee would no longer take the pounding of running, which had always been his ace in the hole.

Although he remained a regular in the gym, taking away that rigorous cardio exercise caught up with him rather quickly.

The pounds started to appear on his waistline and the fitness enthusiast began to lose his enthusiasm for working out. It’s somewhat amazing how a single setback leads to another and yet another.

He became depressed about his less active lifestyle and compensated with food.

Finally, Martin opted to not renew his gym membership and got completely out of shape.

After gaining more than 30 pounds, he made an appointment with his physician about weight-loss options.

He got a prescription for a strong diet pill. At first, he lost a few pounds. But his body started to develop a tolerance to the drug. By upping the dosage, he was able to keep making progress, but at a cost.

The side effects started to weigh on Martin.

He developed insomnia and headaches from the higher dosage. The erratic sleep patterns had a negative impact on his job and he got passed over for a promotion he had worked toward for years. The drugs simply did more harm than good.

Healthy Supplement Solution

Martin began to look for natural products that could help him with his weight problem.

At a local supplement store he overheard a woman talking about how she lost 50 pounds by using MCT Oil supplements regularly.

It turns out that Joyce also started gaining weight after a surgery and their common experiences opened the doorway for a friendship.

After sharing he experiences, she starts him on the path to reap MCT Oil's benefits. Deciding between liquid coconut oil and MCT powder is usually based on preference.

What is MCT Oil?

Many times it is simply refrred to as coconut oil but MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and they are a type of fatty acid that provide tremendous health benefits. Not too be confused with short-chain triglycerides.

These range from better cognitive functions to weight loss and are largely absent from most Western diets.

It seems that our overzealousness to combat high cholesterol caused many of us to remove saturated fats from our plates entirely.

But we forgot that some saturated fats are actually necessary and good for our health and coconut oil is a terrific source of MCT.

People who live in tropical climates routinely consume MCTs and are healthier for it. It turns out that we need these things in our diet every day.

MCT Oil Benefits Pave The Way

By taking Joyce’s advice about using MCT Oil on a daily basis, Martin discovered a healthy path to weight loss.

He found that by putting this missing piece into his diet, his energy began to increase and the cloud of diminishing body image began to lift.

These changes piqued his interest more and he read up on MCT Oil.  

Apparently, it also helps you with balanced hormones, clear headedness, and stave off infection and viruses among many other positives. Martin began to believe that natural supplements were the real deal.

Most importantly for Martin, it helped him reduce his body weight.

The spark that he got from MCT Oil motivated him to get back in the gym.

He couldn’t pound the treadmill the way he used to, so he supplemented swimming for a good cardio workout.

Starting a regimen of MCT Oil helped Martin refocus and get back up and right his ship. It took some time to get back to his ideal bodyweight, but he did it.

He also accomplished that goal without using powerful and dangerous diet drugs.

It’s been two years and he’s maintained a bodyweight that he feels good about.

At work, his coworkers have noticed the new Martin. He’s alert, attentive and even received an Employee of the Month nod from his boss.

Taking the first step with MCT Oil turned out to be a gamechanger.

MCT Powder is Trending

Stumbling across MCT Powder may have been a foregone conclusion for Martin.

It has been viewed in many health and fitness circles as one of the best supplements on the market for healthy weight loss.

From bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts to ordinary people who want to stay healthy, people swear by MCT Oil and MCT powder.

The more the word spreads about mct oils benefits to weight loss, the greater the demand for ongoing, daily consumption.

There’s little doubt that this supplement will continue an upward trend and people in the softgel manufacturing should prepare to meet emerging consumer demand.

Trending Ingredient Spotlight

Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

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