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How Are Supplements Made? Watch Our Packaging Line In Action

By Will Cartwright | Video & Graphic Archive | 0 Comments | 04 September, 2017

After people ask "How are supplements made?" the next question is always "How do you package them?".

The ABH Pharma bottling process involves nine machines that all feature automated and rapid operation for accurate and sanitary bottle filling. Each offers a design that works with a variety of contains, caps, padding, and labels. Each was chosen for their flexibility in handling various sized products and their speed and accuracy capabilities. We also have full range customization for your supplement label design



At ABH Pharma our process means top-tier results with fast process times and all within FDA and GMP guidelines. Here is the process from start to finish. 

Step 1 - Bottle unscrambler and sanitizing. To achieve the highest quality vitamin packaging and supplement packaging, we start with the GLP - 800s Bottle Unscrambler because it is perfect for mid to high-level processes and it offers an inverter step for sanitation. 

1. GLP - 800s Bottle Unscrambler - Offers mid- to high-level unscrambling and bottle orientation for many sizes and shapes of bottles. Key features:

  • Bottle inversion for air rinsing 
  • Bottle Ionized air rinse
  • Fully automated
  • .72 square meter hopper
  • Fast and easy changeover
  • PLC Controlled
  • Works with bottles that are 30-70 mm in diameter and 30-120 mm in height

State Two - Desiccant - Because consistency is important both for the consumer and for cost control we use the GZT - 150 Desiccant Insert. Its full automation is fast, and still catches when bottles are outside of the weight or volume parameters. The result - evenly filled desiccant every time. 

2. GZT - 150 Desiccant inserter - fully automated with the capacity to stuff cotton or desiccant into 150 bottles per minute. Fully designed for the nutraceutical, health and food industries. Alarms when bottle population is low or if a system blockage occurs. 100 percent GMP compliant. Usage with many bottle types and fully adjustable to fit different size and widths of containers. 

State Three - Bottle Filler - We use the CZG100 16A because it is fast and accurate and perfect for small-large batch runs. It accurately handles up to 10,000 tablets per minute so that every container of your product is precisely filled. 

3. CZG100 - 16A - bottle filler - 16 counting channels. It counts up to 10,000 tablets per minute, with options for tablet-to-bottle quantity ratios of 8-9,999. It handles all tablets with a thickness of 3-10 mm and diameters of 3-15 mm, and overall length of 3-25 mm. Work with a wide range of bottles and offers a Large hopper. 

Step Four - Contamination Detection - As one of the many steps in the ABH Pharma quality control process, we use the Mettler Toledo Safeline Metal Detection unit to monitor every bottle that passes down our production line. This assures our clients that their product is always 100 percent free of metal. 

4. Mettler Toledo Safeline metal detection - quickly scans each bottle for traces of metal and if detected ejects the bottle for further inspection without slowing down the bottling process. 

Step 5 - Lidding - We use the robust services provided by the XG - 100B Lit Torquer, which accurately lids and tightens each bottle or container. We chose this machine because it accepts a wide array of lid and bottle sizes. 

5. XG - 100B Lid Torquer - This automatic capping machine works with a variety of cap shapes and sizes. It can install 40 caps per minute for all caps 18-55 mm wide and 50-300 mm in height. Approved for supplements, food, and medicine. 

Step Six - Sealing Each Container - Sealing is a critical part of our production run. Properly sealed containers instill confidence in your customers that your products are safe, fresh, and free of contamination. To meet our high standards, we use the Dg01500B Induction Sealing Machine. 

6. Dg-1500b Induction Sealing Machine - Safely seals bottles at a rate of 30-120 bottles per minute. It uses fan cooling or water cooling. Handles bottles between 35-250 mm and caps between 20-140 mm. Functional with many bottles and caps for safety seal and handles single or double aluminum foil cushions. 

Step Seven - Accurately coding every container. At ABH Pharma we put a lot of energy into helping our clients create the perfect label, and we use the Smart Data x40 thermal transfer coder because we value its accuracy when working with containers and labels. 

7.Smart date x40 thermal transfer coder - Offers advanced coding with transparency that works perfectly with advanced label design. Best of all it works well in all environments, even those that are harsh. It offers a 300 dpi resolution at 600 mm per second.  At ABH Pharma we are all about perfection and the machine creates perfect labels quickly and accurately. 

Step Eight - Tamper Detector - To ensure that your product is respected by consumers and viewed as safe and to comply with both the FDA and GMP we use the Deitze NB Tamper-Evident Neck Bander. 

8.Deitz NB-1 tamper-evident neck bander - Provides the perfect solution for tamper resistant and tamper-evident requirements - Plastic shrink bands. It handles a variety of containers from bottles to jars and even adjusts to tapered necks. Utilized banding material from 25 mm to 123 mm wide and in strips up to 10-inches. Works with caps that are between 14 mm to 76 mm in diameter. It works with both heat-shrinking labels and partial or full-body sleeves. Bands 100 bottles per minute. Meets FDA and GMP 

Step Nine - Shrink Tunnel and Labeling - Fast, accurate and produces beautiful results, the PDC Intl. Corp. Shrink Tunnel works with a variety of labels and container sleeves to accurately and precisely place and shrink labels so that your products outshine shelf competition. 

9. PDC Intl. Corp. Shrink Tunnel - Uses hot air to shrink tamper-evident bands and label sleeves. This is the last step in the packaging process and uses 36 inches long by five inches wide and six-inch high channel. 

The nutraceutical industry is highly competitive and consumers have choices. For those reasons, ABH Pharma pays close attention to the little details that help your product stand out from the rest. Whether that is precise and accurate labeling or products that are uniform in weight, color, and consistency, we want your product to shine. We use this nine step process because the results matter. They matter to you, to us, and to your clients. 

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