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Starting a Nootropic Business: Next Big Thing in Supplement Industry

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 08 December, 2016

Noottropics is the next big thing in the supplement industry

The surge of popularity and interest in nootropic supplements in recent years is undeniable. Since 2011, Google Trends has shown a 22 percent rise each year in searches about the topic as recorded by the popular search engine over time. The countries with the highest degree of interest in nootropics supplements are the United States, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and India, in that order.

"Nootropics" refers to a dynamic class of supplements sometimes referred to as “brain pills” or enhanced focus pills. They have been found effective in helping to improve performance, memory, and even intelligence. They are taking the supplements and peak performance world by storm and are trending in just about every adult age group. Supplement companies that are already connected with a top bulk nootropics supplier are best positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Nootropics Contain “Best of the Best” Brain-Enhancing Compounds

Nootropics refers to the most crucial substances for protecting and optimizing brain functioning. They enhance neurotransmitter functioning and offer a neuroprotective effect. The best nootropics ingredients are the potent brain boosters Alpha GPC, CDP Choline, Phosphatidylserine, and Tyrosine. These compounds effectively enhance performance, focus, clarity of thought, and overall brain functioning.  While these substances can be gleaned from food sources, taking nootropics allows for receiving the most potent and targeted brain compounds quickly and conveniently.

While protein-rich foods like meat, dairy, and nuts can be valuable in providing these brain-enhancing nutrients generally, a more targeted approach to receiving these compounds can be highly beneficial. Many health conscious individuals are finding nootropic supplements to be an efficient, effective way to become an even better version of themselves.

This is why interest in supplementation with nootropics has seen such a meteoric rise in the past few years. They are also safer to take than many other supplements, with few to no side effects when taken as directed. It’s no wonder that supplement retailers are researching and connecting with the best bulk nootropics sources in order to offer this performance enhancing product to their clients.

Gathering Intelligence on Consumer Interest in Nootropics

The Internet allows businesses, such as supplement buyers and retailers, to easily glean insights about the current state, as well as the future prospects for their market. Market trends in supplements and sports nutrition are no exception.

The search giant Google offers a service called Google Trends which can assist with gathering this information ( This platform allows users to see how any Internet search term is doing in terms of interest over time.

Google searches related to nootropics began to climb in 2008. However, activity for these and related search terms over the past five years have been nothing short of astronomical. From the years 2011 through the present time, searches on branched-chain amino acids have grown about 22 percent every year. This surge in interest shows no sign of slowing down in 2017.

Related Queries Yield Even More Insights

Even more insightful is tracking the search term nootropics as it is related to specific aspects or users of these supplements. In doing so, the top related queries (such as “nootropics for sports performance” or “nootropics for women) can be assessed.

Some of the top nootropics-related searches between 2008 and 2012 included queries related to the terms “benefits, side effects, and best” nootropics. More recently, search terms have shifted to queries about specific nootropic brands and products. This indicates that interest in nootropics supplements has gone beyond mere curiosity. Today, consumers are taking action related to making purchases of these supplements.

The benefits of nootropics are now common knowledge. While there still may be searches by some consumers related to educating themselves about these products, there has also been a tipping point toward finding the best brands and products. The goal of most users who are doing searches related to nootropics is to reap the benefits of this valuable supplement. Supplement retailers are taking steps to connect with the top bulk nootropics wholesalers in order to meet the demand.

Starting a Nootropic Business 

Current search trends related to nootropics indicate that consumer interest will continue to grow going forward into 2017 and beyond. Social media, digital media, mobile devices, and the Internet itself will contribute to even more consumers becoming aware of the benefits of nootropics for peak performance and brain health. Supplement companies that invest in getting a supply chain in place for bulk nootropics now will be in an excellent place to meet his growing demand going forward.

Is your supplement company positioned to capitalize on the nootropics trend? We are a premier provider of quality bulk supplements including bulk nootropics. Contact us for more information about making nootropics available to consumers. Trust us, your customers are going to be asking for them!

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