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Supplement Market Trends & New Social Acceptance of Nutra

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 2 Comments | 18 May, 2017

We live in an age where people of all ages are more empowered about their health than ever before.

The James family is a prime example of this; parents Bob and Emily take fish oil supplements and calcium supplements to supportnutraceutical manufacturing image 2.jpg their heart and bone health as they enter their 50s.

Their son Dan supports his passion for sports and fitness with quality protein powders. Daughter Emily takes ginseng to boost concentration and memory in college.

An increasing number of consumers are buying into the importance of preventative health care, and this trend is fueling increased growth in the vitamin and supplement industry.

Taking key nutraceutical products can make all the difference in ongoing health and quality of life, and more and more people are becoming aware of this.

Demand For Quality Nutraceuticals Continues to Grow

As quality and education continues to improve in this area, more consumers are gravitating toward these life-changing products.

All signs point to the continuation of this trend, and this is fueling nutraceutical contract manufacturing demand.

As enthusiasm continues to build around preventive healthcare opportunities like these, the nutraceutical supplement manufacturing industry will also offer exciting growth opportunities for business owners.

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As of 2013, a Council for Responsible Nutrition survey found that 68% of U.S. adults took dietary supplements. It is believed that by now this number could be close to three fourths of all Americans, with numbers continuing to trend upward.

Multivitamins are the most popular sellers, followed by vitamin D, omega-3/fish oil, calcium and vitamin C.

Herbs were also taken in increasing numbers by Americans, with consumers favoring cranberry and garlic as well as soy, saw palmetto and ginkgo, according to the American Botanical Council.

Natural foods like flaxseed, wheat grass, barley and turmeric/curcumin products were also popular. Spirulina and aloe vera are also selling well in the natural supplement realm.

Both Older and Younger Generations Drawn to Vitamins to Support Health Naturally

The raw numbers regarding vitamins and supplements substantiate these trends.

Supplement sales in the U.S. grew 7.5% in 2012 with $32.5 billion for the year, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

One of the largest groups of supplement users is the Baby Boom generation.

Vitamins were the strongest selling supplement category across all demographics, up 5.4% with $10.6 billion in sales, followed by specialty supplements showing growth of 8.2% and $6.1 billion in sales.

Herbs, botanicals and minerals all showed similar robust growth. Generations “X” and “Y” are expected to follow in the footsteps of their parents in terms of tapping into these potent ways to support their health.

Having watched the previous generation turn to supplements for preventative care and a higher qualitynutraceutical manufacturing 2.jpg of life, they will follow suit.

Some members of these generations are already using supplements for health, fitness, energy and brain boosting support.

As maturing 20-somethings continue to grow wise to the hazards of energy drinks and shots, they will instead turn to natural solutions like vitamin B, protein powders, goji berry, ginseng and ashwagandha.

Common Health Concerns Fueling Supplement Market Trends

Future trending supplement categories will likely be in the bone health area, while heart health solutions like omega-3 fish oil will continue to sell strong.

Overall, issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol problems/heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, joint issues, acid reflux, seasonal allergies, and cold and flu will motivate consumers to look for natural solutions for relief.

Concentration, memory, immune system functioning, digestion and gut health will also be areas of concern. 

Awareness of the importance of getting enough vitamin D for proper immune system functioning, bone health and reducing the risk of dementia has spread among consumers.

Those who live in areas with less sunshine are becoming particularly mindful of the need for vitamin D supplementation, as the sun is the main source for vitamin D synthesis. 

People are motivated on a very personal level to seek out easy solutions to improve health and quality of life.

Awareness about the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals in supporting health will continue to draw increasing numbers of people to these health sustaining compounds.

Supplements Are An Affordable Ally in Preventative Care

Up to 75 percent of all health issues are preventable, and nutraceuticals like vitamins and supplements can assist where this is concerned.

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As the word spreads and more Americans become aware of this, the nutraceutical manufacturing industry will also offer even more growth opportunities for health-minded business owners.

Health professionals are extolling the virtues of vitamins more and more as a preventative measure for a range of diseases and conditions.

Insurance companies are committed to raising awareness about preventative care as well, since these measures can help to save them payouts for health expenditures for their clients.

It is estimated that just taking fish oil for (omega-3s) can save Americans billions in health care dollars in the coming years.

Hospital stays can be avoided, and quality of life can remain high.

Less than 30 percent of persons over age 55 are currently taking omega-3s, which means there is room for even more positive growth in this area.

Continued Growth Expected in the Nutraceuticals Space

Taking vitamins and supplements goes hand in hand with the other elements of a healthy lifestyle, which include a diet rich in vegetables, lean protein, fruit and whole grains, and regular exercise.

Americans are now awake to the value of nutraceuticals, and the health and wellness industry is reflecting this.

The nutraceutical supplement industry is seeing robust growth that will only continue in the coming years. Custom supplements for targeted health needs are in higher demand than ever before.

This in turn is fueling the need for quality nutraceutical manufacturing to help create the next generation of vitamins for a health conscious nation.

Is your business set to capitalize on these trends and provide vitamins and supplements that will meet these growing needs?

ABH Pharma is a trusted name in contract nutraceutical manufacturing.

We can create personalized, private label products such as dietary capsules, softgels, powders, tablets and liquids for your health or sports nutrition brand.

Whether you are a startup or well established in the industry, having a manufacturing partner you can count on is essential to success going forward.

At ABH Pharma, we understand these needs as well as the current trends in the health and wellness industry.

We can assist you in taking advantage of these opportunities and meeting consumer needs with high quality nutraceutical vitamin and supplement options.

Contact ABH Pharma for more details – we look forward to working with you!

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