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Starting A Private Label Nutraceuticals Line

By Will Cartwright | | 6 Comments | 12 March, 2019

Private label nutraceuticals may be a great opportunity for your business. The supplement industry is a very competitive market and having someone on your side that has been in the business for years will be a great asset to you.

Here at ABH Pharma, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, add a private label nutraceutical line to increase their profit. From the moment you decide on a custom formulation, to labeling, and even distribution, ABH Pharma will be there to streamline the entire process.

Why Start Your Own Private Label Nutraceuticals Line

You may have found a need to fill that hasn’t been successfully produced in the supplement industry. This product is in high demand, and you feel like you can create a supplement to meet these demands.

This would be the start of a great opportunity for growth in your business. There are a few steps to take that will help this endeavor be a success. First you must define your market. This will determine the types of ingredients to include, pricing, style of label, and much more.

Once you have determined your formula, you can either manufacture the supplement yourself or find a supplement manufacturer that allows for private labeling of the product. Starting your own supplement manufacturing business is a huge endeavor. Why not leave the complex manufacturing to a supplement manufacturer?

Think of all the benefits of having a private label manufacturer:

  • Go to them with an idea and leave with a finished product
  • They find and test all the ingredients for you
  • They help with labeling and marketing
  • You can test a product in your market without possibly losing a large amount of money
  • They already have all the necessary equipment and manpower to safely and efficiently manufacture your formula.
  • A wide variety of product options from capsules to powders

You may start out with a great formula that is unique and decide to add to your line. There are two different types of private label nutraceuticals. There are custom formulas and stock formulas.

A custom formula was your idea, simply shared with a private label manufacturer to develop for you. A stock formula is already created by the manufacturer, but you add it to your line with your label.

Why Choose ABH as Your Private Label Manufacturer

Starting your own private label nutraceutical line is both exciting and scary. ABH Pharma is a veteran in the supplement business and we know the ins and outs and the anticipated challenges.

ABH Pharma can help you formulate your product from the first steps to the very last, whether you choose a custom formula or stock formula.

Our team of professionals can help you decide on what form you want to offer your nutraceuticals. We manufacture capsules, tablets, powders, gummies, liquids, and more. Depending on your product, we can advise on forms that would be easier to take for your consumers, better preserved, and cheaper to produce.

We can help you create your own custom flavors for products like liquids and powders. Many products on the market have great ingredients but the taste turns customers away. ABH Pharma will make sure that never happens to your product by working with you to develop a great tasting product your customers will love.

As far as stock formulas go, our sister company, StockNutra has many products already in stock or even bottled and waiting for your brand to be on the label. By ordering through StockNutra, you have a lower minimum order quantity than custom formulas and it is usually cheaper. These stock formulas can be pushed out into the market quicker because they are pre-made. StockNutra offers products like Green Superfood, Organic Turmeric, Whey Protein Powder, MCT oil, Joint Support and much more.


producing private label nutraceuticals


ABH Pharma also understands that presentation is important. We offer a variety of packaging options for your private label nutraceuticals. We have large automated packaging machines that can package hundreds of your products in a short amount of time. Options include bottles of different colors and textures, jars, display boxes, folding cartons, pouches, single and multi-dose packaging, blister packs, stick packs and more.

We also offer seals of different kinds to protect your product and your customers. Of course, all these options are chosen by you to create a unique line of supplements that has your style and ideology.

ABH Pharma puts every product and ingredient under rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for consumers and meets all FDA guidelines. They are a certified GMP manufacturer, meaning that they follow current good manufacturing processes.


testing private label nutraceuticals


The FDA is very stringent on labeling of supplements. ABH Pharma is very knowledgeable and experienced in designing and labeling private label nutraceuticals to meet the mandatory industry guidelines and protect you from any ramifications due to incorrect labeling.

Not only can ABH Pharma help you create a label that meets FDA regulations, but their professional graphic designers can help you create a label that will catch the eyes of your intended market whether you are just starting out or already have a recognizable logo.

Marketing Your Private Label Nutraceuticals

Now that you have your formulas picked out, product tested and packaged, and label designed, you are ready to mass produce. But where do you store all your product? And what about shipping and marketing?

ABH Pharma is here to help with that as well. We have comprehensive fulfillment services that store your product. We have a warehouse to store your products and maintain updated inventory with our state of the art 3PL software. You will receive alerts and reporting of your inventory and shipments. Our online web portal allows you to check this information anytime you please.

We also help with your shipping logistics. Our good relationships with shipping companies allows us to negotiate the best shipping rates for your benefit.

Whether you plan on becoming an Amazon fulfiller, starting your own online store, or selling in a brick and mortar store, or all three, ABH Pharma can help you to succeed in all avenues of business. We connect directly with Amazon and Ebay for shipping, tracking, and inventory updates.

ABH Pharma is the smart choice for anyone wanting to develop their own private label nutraceutical line for their business.

Will Cartwright

Written by Will Cartwright

Will is a master of digital marketing in the vitamins & supplements space. He has years experience selling supplements on Google, self-hosted websites, Amazon, Facebook and much more. CLICK HERE to learn more about how Will can help your nutraceutical brand dominate digital marketing.

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