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Properly Executing Dietary Supplement Packaging Design

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 0 Comments | 26 June, 2017

Nutraceutical industry newcomers often overlook the importance of the packaging of their products.

Marketing, branding and the message is everything in today’s vitamin and nutritional supplement industry.vitamin packaging blog image 2.jpg

About 70% of the time, the first place returning and potential customers will first encounter your product is by seeing it on the shelves of a physical location.

In that scenario, your product label has only about 13 seconds to grab their attention!

Fail to pique their interest with a bold visual message in that time and they will be drawn off into a miasma of other products with a negligible possibility of returning to consider yours a second time.

The situation is about the same when shoppers see images of your products online, but they aren’t seeing densely packed shelves all around it, so your items will usually get a little more eyeball-time once they have been clicked on.

But in contrast to its on-the-shelf appearance, your product’s visual appeal has to work when the image is very tiny in order to draw those all-important clicks. That can be quite a challenge to overcome.

To put it simply, the external appearance of your product is paramount- but looks are just one important part of how your supplement products are packaged.

Know Your Dietary Supplement Packaging Design Options

It is supremely important that the packaging of your product look slick and professional.

Bottles, boxes, and labels should be clean, sharp, and have every sign of high production value and professionalism.

The appearance of dust, residue, cracks, blistering or imperfections of any kind will put customers off faster than you can say, “I want my money back.”

With professional packaging services, none of these issues should arise. That means all you need to consider is what kind of packaging is best for the storage, transport, and shelving needs of your products. Your packaging professionals will take care of the rest.

Three popular packaging options are:vitamin packing blog image 1.jpg

  • Blister Packaging – This type keeps individual pills separated within a rigid and protective plastic sheet. These come in a wide range of sizes.(Most common in vitamin packaging)

  • Fin Packaging – This type of packaging enables you to control how much product you are presenting within a small package. These are good for individual daily dosages and are ideal for liquids, powders, and pills.You can even have your label printed on individual fin packages.

  • Stick Packaging – Ideal for powders, stick packages are convenient for mixing shakes or adding a vitamin-rich powder to water.

Other popular custom supplement packaging options include:

  • Bottles

  • Jars

  • Display Boxes

  • Folding Cartons

  • Single Dose Packaging

  • Multi-Dose Packaging

  • Pouches

  • Shrink Wrapped Containers

  • Strips

Label Printing is of Equal Importance

Leveraging all the advantages of superior label printing is just the beginning.dietary supplement packaging blog image 3.jpg

Naturally, you will be responsible for the design of your label, and it will be necessary for you to make a study of how to best portray the character of your product with the styling of the label.

It should be bold, simple, direct, and above all- original.

Modern labeling technology goes a long way to making this task easier.

You can take advantage of high quality flexographic and digital printing to produce bright colors and sharp lines that will stand out on the shelf.

If you wish, you may take advantage of label design services. Talented graphic artists and visual marketing specialists will work with you to design a label and logo that will make an instant impression.

Even if you have a good idea for the content of your label, typographical landscape professionals understand the history of product labeling and the psychology of browsing customers.

They will have a great deal of valuable insight when it comes to designing your label.

5 Things Your Packaging Must Accomplish

During those 13 seconds of attention that you can expect from the average browsing customer, your product package needs to make an impression that counts.

There are five considerations that must be addressed in your package design for your label and supplement packaging design to have the desired effect.

1. Draw the Eye

Your brand needs to become emblematic of the product type in the customer’s mind. Just being noticeable isn’t enough.

Your label must be highly visible and typify the consumer’s presumptions about the product category so that when they think of Supplement Type X, they think of you.

2. Be Minimalistic

You sell a steak on the sizzle. Don’t muddy the effect of your label with too much distracting design elements and secondary information. Keep it clean, bold, and simple.

3. Pass the 5-YO Test

A person should be able to describe your label to a five year old so that he or she could walk into the store and find it on the shelf.

A lot of research went in to this conclusion- and that is the level simplicity your label should strive for.

4. Engage the Emotions

It’s a nebulous idea, we know. But that’s where research and development comes in.

You will need to come up with at least ten different designs with each one attempting to create an emotional response.

Choose the most engaging labels and incorporate their best features into your final product.

Set out with the intent on creating the best supplement packing in the aisle.

5. Create Iconic Assets

Strong global brands create iconic assets such as an intense use of a color or a certain style of font.

By being consistent with these assets you can generate brand recognition quickly. 

Product Pairing

There are many ways in which you can combine product types into the same packaging.

This is a common practice with items which have a complimentary purpose- and is a great way to achieve a distinguished brand message.

It is also a good way to enable users to consume products in specific ways meant to appeal to various sub-demographics.

Reducing Secondary Packaging

Consumers often want products that are packaged in individual doses, for which fin packaging is a great option.

Today’s consumer feels that excessive packaging is a burden. Having to tear, cut, and break into a massive amount of plastic can be annoying.

By eliminating unnecessary packaging where possible, you will generate convenience that your buyers will appreciate.

Accuracy and Reliability in Packaging

By leveraging the help of a professional product packaging service, you gain access to a guarantee of high quality work, safe travel, and an optimally professional appearance once your line of supplements reaches the store shelf.

Of course, safety and stability are critical parts of the packaging process as well. To that end, there are child-proof caps, induction seals, insect and pest repellent, and more.

Tightening the Lid

Whether you’re entering into the vitamin and nutritional supplement industry for the first time, or if you’re a veteran in the business- the difference between the right nutritional supplement packaging and the wrong nutritional supplement packaging can make or break your products.

The technology is readily available, and professionals are standing by, eager to help you pack your products in a way that is safe, secure, and stable with top quality labeling that will demand customer attention.

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Written by Will Cartwright

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