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Saving on Supplement Manufacturing Costs with Gusset Bags

By Will Cartwright | | 3 Comments | 23 April, 2018

Traditionally powder supplements have been packaged in plastic containers but here at ABH Pharma we give you the option to have your supplements packaged in Gusset Bags. Gusset bags are very beneficial to the end user and the supplement manufacturer in a number of ways. The best benefit of this type of packaging is the ability to reduce manufacturing costs by switching from plastic containers to gusset bags.

Here are the ways you can save on supplement manufacturing costs when you choose to use gusset bags for packaging your powder supplements instead of plastic containers.

1. Uses Less Raw Material than Traditional Packaging

Gusset bags utilize 7 times less packaging raw material than traditional packaging. Since they require less raw materials you can maximize your return on investment by getting even more gusset bags out of less raw materials. This can cause significant savings on the end product allowing you to get packaging at a lower cost. This can help you to get more profit out of your supplements when you price them for end customers or can allow you to lower your price and drive your sales up.

2. Helps Promote Longer Shelf Life

By promoting longer shelf life for your product you can manufacture more product batches that are packaged in gusseted bags. Our packaging allows your supplement to maintain its quality keeping them dry and keeping the air out. We all know that light, air and humidity affects the quality and longevity of all supplements to include powdered supplements. When you use gusset bags for your supplements you can have better control about the quality of the supplement storage. With a high quality of storage your supplement will keep longer while maintaining their optimum potency and allow you to increase the amount of units you can create per manufacturing batch.

With gusset bags and based on the demand of your product you can save money by manufacturing more at a time and reducing the manufacturing intervals per year. This can save wear and tear on your manufacturing equipment and also reduce the amount of regularly scheduled maintenance they have to go through. And that saves you money on manufacturing costs.

3. Reduces the Need for Shelving Space

When it comes to storage space you will find that the design of Gusset bags ensures that you can double your manufacturing while still saving money by not having the expense of doubling your shelving space.

Once you double your manufacturing you will end up with the need to store these products. Unlike plastic jars and bottles gusset bags take up less shelf space and so you won’t have to invest in more shelving or storage systems for your additional manufacture load.

Not only does this type of packaging use less storage space but it also uses less transportation space. So you now have the opportunity to transport more products in one haul. This helps to save money at the transportation stage of the supply chain.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Since this type of packaging uses less raw materials they thereby have a lower impact on the environment. This type of packaging is lightweight and reduces gasoline consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and pollution on a whole. They are made from recyclable material and are landfill friendly. When you replace a plastic jar or bottle with a gusset bag then you will be reducing the amount waste that ends up in a landfill.

Allows for less Energy to be used during production – not only are gusset bags beneficial to the environment since they reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill. They also help to reduce the amount of energy a manufacturing plant utilizes and so reduces the amount of emissions that a plant will send out into the atmosphere.

Other Benefits of Choosing Gusset Bags 

Gusset bags have a number of other benefits outside of how they help to reduce manufacturing costs. These benefits include;

  • Their flexibility
  • Their durability
  • Their practicality
  • They are convenient
  • They are versatile
  • They are lightweight
  • They are easy to carry
  • They are designed to evenly distributes weight
  • They are available in a variety of packaging sizes
  • Allows you to differentiate your powder product

Gusset bags offer flexible packaging and is one of the most popular packaging methods being utilized today. Gusset bags are versatile, durable, convenient and practical. They are lighter and allow for more fuel efficient transportation. With their stand up design they offer convenience for storage, whether in a store, while being transported or in the home of an end user. 

These bags are easy to carry and they offer a more uniform way of distributing weight. This is an advantage for both store owners and consumers as well. There are multiple sizes that you can choose from to meet the needs of your powder product. 

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