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The Best Supplements That Benefit Adults Over 40

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 0 Comments | 02 January, 2017

The supplements you stock for the over 40 crowd need to address several key issues and in some cases, fulfill a need suggested by a physician or other authority. As they are approaching retirement they tend to be more health conscious and reach for retirement supplements.

Women over 40 face menopauses (symptoms of perimenopause can begin in the 30s), while men of this age struggle with cholesterol concerns and a loss of strength and flexibility that comes with aging.

Creating a well-stocked inventory for customers over the age of 40 means considering the concerns these prospects are facing; meet these needs and you’ll find a loyal clientele that returns month after month to get the supplements they need to support good health.

Some common concerns for adults over 40 include:

  • Menopause/Perimenopause
  • Hormonal changes or lack of testosterone
  • Memory or attention deficits
  • Loss of energy
  • Worries about bone density or strength
  • Insomnia or fatigue
  • High stress, often job related
  • Physical decline due to aging
  • Skin and hair health
  • Depression and mood concerns
  • Heart, circulatory and blood pressure concerns

Understanding what your prospects are worried about or experiencing can help you produce a well-rounded vitamin contract manufacturing product line that speaks to their needs and ensures that they can take a natural, proactive approach to health.

Consumers in their 40s are often just becoming aware of the need to protect their health and wellbeing and may have an increased interest in wellness programs and supplementation.

Learning more about the needs of this demographic and what supplements can help fulfill those needs can help you reach out to a fresh new group of prospects as you market your business.

B-12 Vitamins

B-12 vitamins may be in stock already – but in the wrong place. If you are stocking vitamin B12 for athletic performance and workouts, your average over 40 customer may not even know you have them.

B-12s benefits go beyond the workout addict or athlete; the supplement’s ability to boost mental acuity, energy levels and anemia make it a natural match for those facing common middle age health issues.

For anyone with memory concerns, B-12 is a must; it is also an ideal match for your menopausal clientele – hormonal changes can contribute to anemia, memory loss and low energy.

B-12 deficiency can lead to a number of things such as spontaneous dizziness and weakness so implementing a supplements of the b complex can be very helpful.


High bloodpressure is a common complaint of adults over 40; magnesium is often recommended to help naturally regulate blood pressure.

This potent mineral also helps with blood sugar levels and even makes it easier for the body to absorb calcium.

Magnesium supplements may be recommended by a doctor if an over 40 patient has too little magnesium in their system after a blood test.

Valerian Root

Stress, insomnia, sleep apnea and hormonal changes all make it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep after the age of 40, according to Health magazine. Valerian root for migranes is also another common use.

One of the toughest parts of getting to sleep is that worrying about how much sleep you are missing out on can actually keep you up at night.

While there are prescription and over the counter remedies for sleep, their side effects make them undesirable for many adults suffering from lack of sleep.

A natural remedy like Valerian root can help address this problem and allow your over 40 clientele get the sleep they need. According to WebMD, the adult dose for valerian is between 400 and 900mg each night.


Television’s Dr. Oz has long been a proponent of DHEA for regulating hormone levels and increasing libido. DHEA's health benefits range from aiding in building muscle or decreasing inflammation.

It is recommended that users see a doctor before starting DHEA, but since this supplement is so regularly recommended on television and online and addresses a common concern of menopausal women, it is a must-add for your over 40 supplement inventory.


From bone loss to concerns about bone density and strength, women over 40 are conditioned to seek out calcium, either via dairy products or supplements.

It’s not just for women, though; calcium contributes to better nerve and heart functioning or both men and women.

For those who don’t like or can’t have dairy or other calcium rich products, a calcium supplement is the easiest way to get the needed amount (1000 mg per day for women over 40).  

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can be linked to heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer; this essential vitamin also helps the body absorb calcium, according to  Prevention magazine.

While the sun is the best source of vitamin D, women and men over 40 may actually avoid prolonged exposure, due to the aging effects of tanning and the boosted risk of skin cancer associated with sunbathing.

The amount of Vitamin D you get is also related to where you live; people living in the colder, less sunny northern states are less likely to get the exposure they need on a regular basis.

A vitamin D3 supplement can help those who don’t want too much exposure (you can’t absorb vitamin D if you use sunscreen or anti-aging products containing sunscreen), but want to avoid the problems caused by too little vitamin D.


Another powerful aid in the fight against age related, Potassium is also essential for a healthy heart; many people get the daily amount of potassium from eating a well rounded diet, but some indiviudals over 40 need supplementation.

Natural sources of high potassium are difficult to find so a potassium supplement can be an easy solution to help miantain a healthy heart.

Fish Oil or Omega-3 Supplememts

With health benefits randing from lowered blood pressure and better cholosteral levels and ratios, Fish Oil supplements are a must for the over 40 crowd.

The number of people (particularly men) over 40 who need statin drugs to control soaring cholesteral levels continues to climb. Omega 3 supplements can help normalize cholesteral ratios, improve brain function and even aid with high triglyceride levels, making them an ideal addition to your over 40 inventory.


Not a vitamin or mineral, but heavily recommended for women over 40, probiotics can help improve or maintain gut health, keep weight under control and even lower the risk of some health conditions, from diabetes to heart problems.

Probiotics can also help combat or prevent UTIs and other conditions in menopausal women, making them an ideal addition to the daily supplement routine for any women over 40.

Providing These Products For Your Customers

Providing some or all the above supplements via vitamin contract manufacturing allows you to address the unique needs of this large and growing demographic.

Contact us to learn more about marketing to the dynamic and motivated over 40 market and to determine the perfect mix of products for your store shelves.

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