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The History of Testofen

By Will Cartwright | Nutraceutical Industry News | 0 Comments | 22 January, 2018

Testofen is an excellent ingredient to add to multiple supplement types but seems to find itself in the center of lawsuits. Of course this has nothing to do with the ingredient itself. Read on to assure that you should have no fear in using this potent ingredient if you manufacture your product with a supplement manufacturer that is diligent in their processes in bringing products to market. 

The History of Testosterone Supplement Scrutiny

Throughout the years, products claiming to boost testosterone have faced criticism in many different arenas. For example, the FDA recently investigated the possibility of a connection between testosterone products and certain complications, including stroke, heart attack and death. Although supplements don't fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, this issue still draws negative attention to testosterone supplements. 

What Is Testofen?

So what is Testofen? Testofen is a natural substance taken from the Fenugreek plant.  Some of the specific benefits manufacturers say Testofen offers include:

  • Better libido
  • Improved muscle growth
  • Higher testosterone levels

Testofen is meant to work naturally with the body and gradually over time. The results of Testofen won't be as dramatic or noticeable as other testosterone boosting products, such as steroids. This substance can be purchased as a supplement that contains only Testofen, or it may be part of a supplement that contains other ingredients as well. It is typically marketed in the form of a pill the consumer takes once or twice a day.  The typical dosage of Testofen is 300 mg per serving.

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While some studies have supported these benefits of Testofen, others have not. In fact, some studies have found that fenugreek extract doesn't impact testosterone levels at all.  Because of the conflicting results, the debate over the efficacy of Testofen continues. 

Protecting Your Company from Lawsuits

At this point, plaintiffs are not alleging that Testofen is dangerous to consumers. In order to market supplements effectively, companies often make claims about the supplement's benefits or efficacy. If these claims are accurate, they can improve profitability. However, if these claims turn out to be false, they can lead to expensive litigation and a damaged reputation. 

To prevent your company from being subjected to expensive lawsuits and turmoil, you need to take steps to limit your liability. If you are selecting new ingredients for supplements, research your options carefully. Make sure the ingredients you choose have been subjected to extensive testing, and be aware of the results of this research. Avoid the use of any ingredients that are already the subjects of lawsuits or other controversies. If you decide to use such ingredients and the issue becomes more serious, you may find yourself with a significant amount of dead inventory and/or wasted money. Prevent this problem by working with a reputable manufacturer like ABH Pharma!


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