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Manufacturing Supplements with Thermogenic Ingredients

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions, Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 0 Comments | 01 January, 2018

These days, thermogenics are quite popular. They’re responsible for weight loss, but most thermogenic supplements host a slew of other benefits. Whether your customers want to burn fat, boost their metabolisms or reach new workout peaks, they’ll benefit from a solid thermogenic product boasting time-tested-and-true ingredients.

What Do Thermogenic Ingredients Do?

When a person exercises, they naturally boost their body’s core temperature. Thermogenic fat burners, herbs and compound supplements increase this temperature, aiding in overall fat loss via the individual’s increased metabolism. Almost every herbal weight loss supplement, today, can be considered a thermogenic fat burner.

thermogenic ingredients image 2.jpgNormally, thermogenic fat burners provide great results within a short period of time. Because they can be purchased without a prescription, they’re incredibly popular with easy access. 

While most workout-lovers, the nutritionally cautious and those seeking weight loss can pack a dry diet guaranteed to shed a few pounds, thermogenic products are quickly making their way into vitamin cabinets.

Thermogenesis isn’t about boosting the body’s temperature, alone. The end-game for those who consume thermogenic ingredients is to have a stable body temperature. This stable—albeit increased—temperature gives the body access to more energy. With more energy comes more expendable energy. Thermogenesis can boost the body’s exercising power, further reducing fat.


Direct Thermogenesis Benefits

These ingredients can increase the body’s metabolic effectiveness in a process called oxidative phosphorylation. During this state, the body targets its tough-to-burn-off fatty deposits a little easier. It isn’t rare to see consumers purchase thermogenic supplements to reduce love handles and similar fatty areas.

Thermogenic supplements are also used by those who want to maintain a healthy weight. As an additional benefit, thermogenics stabilize the body’s current weight—even after the thermogenic ingredients aren’t being taken anymore.

Capable of supporting muscle health and the user’s endurance, thermogenic supplements can help individuals preserve lean mass—utilizing fat cells as energy resources, rather than muscle cells.


Thermogenic Ingredients and the Customer’s Experience

purpose of thermogenic ingredients image 1.jpg

A lot of supplement hunters want to boost their metabolism. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to lose fat, maintain a healthy weight and secure long-term energy on a healthy diet alone.

Typical weight loss diets revolve around low-carb meals and calorie deficits. They can’t sidestep the body’s natural processes, but they’re excellent additions to any workout and meal planning routine which is otherwise stressful to maintain.

Metabolism-supporting ingredients are healthy, too, and they’re capable of providing long-term benefits if the consumer continues use. While thermogenics may not be effective for everyone, they can still be consumed by most. According to Nutrition Inspector, thermogenics can safely be consumed on a daily basis. Because thermogenics can often be taken in incredibly low dosages to experience effects, supplement providers can benefit high pricing flexibility and low production cost requirements.


Thermogenic Ingredient Examples

Because many herbs and spices can boost the metabolism, it can be difficult to keep track of the best available options. As a supplement provider, you should stay up to date on the supplement world’s modern thermogenic ingredient options. Several herbs and spices are utilized as thermogenics that many studies have backed their effectiveness.


Cinnamon is one such supplement. Capable of balancing one’s blood sugar while cutting food cravings, cinnamon is a proven thermogenic ingredient which can be implemented in a slew of supplements or weight loss meals with ease. private label ceylon cinnamon


Turmeric, too, is a potent thermogenic. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is a verified fat burner which additionally balances one’s hormones—thus making their metabolism slightly more efficient.

private label fish oil 



Cayenne, meanwhile, is an ingredient similar to curcumin for its effects. It raises the body’s temperature—increasing its metabolism. Some dishes include cayenne as a way to help the body burn as many as 100 calories per meal.

Enhance Your Product Line

ABH Pharma offers a wide selection of these types of ingredients, and we’re ready to create the highly effective supplement combinations your outlet needs. The customer comes first, and they deserve an all-natural thermogenic supplements capable of offering multiple benefits. Whether you want to market your product as a fat burner, a metabolic health supplement or even as a dietary staple, you have many options to choose from.

Plus, you can safely provide tested products comprised of natural ingredients, such as cayenne or cinnamon. The supplement market’s opening for all-natural thermogenic ingredients is open, and every year consumers are turning to providers capable of providing safe, reliable fat loss tools. Be a leading provider, and take advantage of the supplement industry’s most sought-after ingredients!



Frequently Asked Questions, Trending Ingredient Spotlight

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