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Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Contract Supplement Manufacturer

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 1 Comment | 17 January, 2018

If you are reading this than you understand how much opportunity lies within the supplements industry. What you dont know is how many unique variables go into manufacturing a supplement! Plenty more than most eager entrepreneurs anticipate. The most important decision by far that needs to be made however is who is manufacturing your supplements!

Don't get tricked by a broker! Some brokers go to lengths of advertising they have full manufacturing capabilities but outsource all their manufacturing! With that being said we as industry leaders feel it is our duty to help people know what questions to ask a contract supplement manufacturer. We compiled a list of the top 10 quesitons we get from clients to make them assure we are the right manufacturer!

1. How long have they have been manufacturing dietary supplements?

The duration of time a company is in business might be an element in their degree of expertise and exactly what they will contribute to this table to your business enterprise. ABH began manufacturing supplements in 1997 and have been innovating each day. In 2007 we expanded our facility to 50,000 square feet! More space equals higher production speeds and capabilities!

Experience counts; nevertheless, newer nutritional supplement makers may be energized and on the frontier of this business. Experience, skill and the capacity to shift with these are important qualities to search for in a nutritional supplement maker.

2. How accessible their manufacturing capabilities are with respect to capsules, tablets and soft gels?


ABH Pharma has mastered all these formats through years of satisfying customers needs! Capsules in many different color options, tablets in many different shapes, and slear or colored soft gels! Readily prepared to make product customizations.


3. Are they a full turnkey facility?

ABH Pharma completes the entire process of creating your supplement underneath one roof! Everything from sourcing the ingredients to designing the packaging that will fly off the shelf. We offer dynamic marketing services specializing in website building and organic traffic. 

We also offer:


4. What certifications do they have?

ABH Pharma is GMP certified as well as NPA certified! Both of these can only be acquired by following strict guidelines regarding safety. Presenting this to our customers never gets old becuase it let's them know they are working with professionals! 

5. Do they Offer Order Fulfillment?

ABH offers product fulfillment from  Future Pack Fulfillment. They can handle all of your fulfillment needs whether is be for personal inventory or amazon FBA. 

ABH_infographic Rebrand-01.png

6. How many rounds of testing are done?

We offer two rounds of testing for microbial and heavy metals. This is done swiftly because we have our own in-house quality control and quality assurance departments! 

7. How efficient  their quality control and quality assurance departments are?

These departments are extremely efficient. Equipped with a quarantined section specifically for ingredients that have not been tested it makes testing the ingredients swift. The way our facility is set up, the manufacturing process is optimized to minimize movement of ingredients and supplies.

8. Do they supply top quality ingredients?

Many manufacturers add unnecessary ingredients like lactose, sodium benzoate, corn starch or fatty acids to supplements instead of 100% product. This should be of high importance because offering your consumers a purer and cleaner supplement really makes a difference in customer experience!

9. What is their minimum order quantity? 

For custom supplements, we stick to a 1000 bottle minimum order and for our stock private label supplements from StockNutra, the minimum is a low 500 bottles!

10. Do they use industry specific graphic designers?

We pride ourselves in crafting the best designs for our clients whether their supplements be on a local or global scale!

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