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Amazon Ungated: Ungating Amazon Supplement Products

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions | 1 Comment | 13 September, 2017

Amazon installed a gating process with the intention of helping to protect their customers from the potentially dangerous health products and health supplements. 

In the past, the process of ungating a dietary supplement on Amazon was fairly easy, but as that process evolved, it became harder and harder to ungate any health supplement, especially on the first try. Keep reading to discover how to get approved to sell supplements on amazon. People that have difficulty ungating their product turn to other retailers like or Ebay which isin't a bad option but why limit your products capabilities by not using the ever growin Amazon marketplace?

The Dietary Supplement Ingredient List

In early 2017, Amazon began to require that every OTC medicine and health supplement application include a full list of the product's ingredients.

That listing must occur in the Inventory File Template supplied by Amazon. In fact, Amazon has a whole library of templates from which you can choose. Amazon Template Library

That requirement is not just for new supplement listings, but for all supplement listing. 

It is important to understand that the ungating process for all health supplements and OTC medications is on purpose. The reason for that is to protect Amazon's massive consumer base and as a seller on Amazon, you need to prepare for that gauntlet. 

Products that fall under FDA or government approval programs have a heavy gating gauntlet. Those include beauty products, grocery and food items, personal care products and wine.

Techy products such as automotive, entertainment, and even major appliances are carefully reviewed at Amazon. Jewelry, watches, and clothing also must undergo a severe gating process too.

Products that might take advantage of consumers are heavily gated. Those include travel products and trips, collector coins and book, and especially cell phones and cell phone accessories. 

How to Ungate Your Dietary Supplement Quickly

Keep your Seller Stats Good: Amazon is very focused on the consumer's experience. As such, they try to protect their consumers from harm and one of the tools they use is their gating process.

To get past the gating process quickly, you need to also focus on customer satisfaction. Amazon is going to watch your stats around orders placed. Those include defective order complaints, cancellation before fulfillment, and whether or not you ship your sold products late. 

Amazon like to see that your order defect rate stays under 1 percent. They also want your pre-fulfillment cancellation rate under 2.5 percent. Your late shipment rate should never drop below 4 percent and preferably be in the 1-2 percent range. 

Join Amazon's Pro Sellers Group:  One of the first things you must do is to become a Pro Merchant at Amazon. It is a small fee of $39 per month and once you join they take you more seriously. It is also a requirement.

Amazon understands how lucrative selling personal supplements are and they want their $39 per month. It is also important that your seller stats remain in good standing. Amazon will always support their customers and they expect that each Amazon seller does the same. 

For new sellers, these goals are usually not a problem and Amazon uses these stats to identify potentially bad sellers. If you are a new seller and using merchant fulfillment be sure to monitor these stats because they can drop quickly the issue might just be with your fulfillment service.

Sell New not Used: Amazon will never accept a supplement or health product that they suspect is used. That means if you buy a three pack of something and try to sell the other two you will get shut down. This is why you must submit invoices from reputable wholesalers. 

Quality Invoices: For regulated item approvals such as personal supplements, health supplements, and OTC medications the key is to be able to prove that your supplier is an authentic wholesaler.

You can help this process along by making sure that both your business and each wholesaler that you work with is set up legally and that you are only buying merchandise from a legitimate source.  To do that every wholesaler's invoice must meet Amazon's standards.  

  • Their address, company name, and contact info. 
  • The Ship To address must be your address with your business name on it. 

Keep in mind that all information that you submit must match with the information that Amazon has on file. That means your company name is spelled correctly, that your supplier's information is spelled correctly, etc. Amazon is very good at finding errors. 

A good tip is to use professional invoices

 Submit the Correct Info: To do that have copies of the invoices and backup proof that your supplier is legitimate. In fact, Amazon requires three commercial invoices with your submission, and they are going to count your products. They will only accept your product if your invoices clearly show that the volume you purchase is for resale and that you are not just selling the extra products you buy for your own use.

To achieve that goal make sure that each invoice you submit has a minimum of ten units. A unit is one sale. If you have a bottle of protein powder that is sold individually, that is a single unit. If you are selling lots of three bottles of protein, then three bottles are one sellable unit. Your invoices will need to support the math. 

One thing on which you must focus is answering an unasked question. That question from Amazon is always going to ask themselves, "Is this a legitimate business." Knowing that is important because everything that you do must easily show Amazon that your business is up, running and that you are selling products. That is what they want to see and if you can demonstrate that to them, then you are mostly through the gating process. 

Avoid Selling Products That are Not already Listed on Amazon. Nothing will grind the process to a halt faster than a new to Amazon product. So a simple search to identify products that are already selling on Amazon and you will avoid rejection. 

Use The Best Information

When you submit your product for application, make sure that all of the information on the invoice is accurate. If there is information missing, fill it in before you submit. This includes the ASIN number, clarification over lots and quantities, and don't forget to do the conversion math for them. 

Big Tip: Don't Request Approval for Products that are Already Approved or in a selling group that does not require approval. 

Never Request Approval Until You Have Supplied All of the Information:

Don't start the flagging process, and that is what you will do if your health supplement documentation is not 100 percent complete and easy to read.

Make sure you have all of the documentation that you need and that Amazon can easily understand it. They place that burden on you and they will not dig deeply, they will simply flag your request. 

While the process of ungating is difficult, there are many little things you can do to make that process much easier. These tips and tricks help you get your product ungated quickly and often on the first submission. 



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