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Untapped Sports Niches: Runner and Swimmer Supplements

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 0 Comments | 10 November, 2017

The supplement industry keeps surging, with nearly two-thirds of Americans taking some type of vitamin or supplement. While the market offers an abundance of the basics, there are a number of niche markets that are as of yet untapped. Specialized nutraceuticals such as supplements for runners and supplements for swimmers are two prime examples, but there are many untapped unique nutritional supplements markets.

Nutraceuticals: A $100 Billion Industry

Nutraceuticals are  known for overall health, fine-tuning the immune system, enhancing sports performance and supporting increased quality of life overall. Omega 3s, ginseng, CoQ10, and probiotics are just a few examples of trending nutraceuticals.

Trends in nutraceuticals going forward are likely to be combination nutraceutical products that bring multi-pronged benefits to users. The most active markets and demographics seeking products such as these include athletic males in their 30s and middle-aged women looking to retain youthful vitality.

A number of nutritional products can help to give an edge and aid recovery times in specific sports and fitness areas. Read on for more information about supplements for runners, supplements for swimmers and other unique nutritional supplements ideas:

Runner Supplements 

Runners are always looking for ways to boost endurance, performance and overall health. Replenishing tapped reserves is crucial to making the most of each run. If you are considering marketing supplements for runners, here’s a look at some of the most beneficial.

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They are already on the market, but could be marketed specifically to runners to help assist in the areas endurance, strength, performance, recovery times and continued health:


Strong bones are crucial to running performance. Low levels can lead to osteoporosis and increase the risk of breakage. This risk is higher in women, although bone density is important to all runners. Combing calcium with vitamin D3 helps with absorption and brings additional health benefits to the immune system.


Iron is crucial to muscle growth and recovery. It is also an essential blood nutrient that allows optimal functioning in all that it does for the body, its organs and its systems. Iron optimizes oxygen in the tissues to ensure runners keep firing on all cylinders.

Female runners in particular need to be vigilant about their iron levels due to their monthly cycle. However, males or females of any age could be at risk for low iron or even anemia. This in turn can lead to fatigue, muscle atrophy and poor athletic performance. However, taking too much can also be harmful to tissues. Generally, 10 mg per day for men and 15 mg for women is advisable, but this can be adjusted depending upon how much protein and red meat is being consumed.

Whey Protein

Protein is essential for sports performance, body regulation and cellular repair. However, runners don’t like to be weighed down by protein from traditional sources like meat. This is part of the appeal of our Time Release Whey Protein Blend with Probiotics. By releasing the protein to your muscles at a more spread out frequency it allows you runners to have more energy towards the end of their race. With different customization options for flavor and bottle/label design you can mold the perfect whey protein product to add to your supplement line!

private label whey protein


While often associated with bodybuilders, creatine can bring benefits to every type of athlete. Many runners are not aware of this, creating an ideal opportunity for a new niche in this area. Creatine is well known for boosting muscle recovery by reducing damage and inflammation. With regular use, it also helps to optimize oxygen use in the body. There is a “loading phase” initially followed by regular maintenance.

The Best Swimmer Supplements

The swimming world is another niche that vitamin and supplement companies haven’t catered to like some other sports. This could make for an ideal opportunity for a supplement company.

Whey protein and creatine can be marketed to swimmers for the same reasons described above for runners. The following are some additional key supplements for swimmers:

Vitamin C

Swimmers train their whole body when they swim, from their arms and legs to their core. This can cause tremendous muscle soreness from head to toe. A University of North Carolina of Greensboro study found that taking 3,000 mg per day of vitamin C helped to reduce muscle soreness in athletes. While vitamin C is beneficial to everyone, it could be specifically marketed to swimmers who train hard.

Vitamin E

Oxidation is a byproduct of our natural metabolism that can affect healthy cells adversely. Exercise increases this process. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects muscles from damage related to oxidation. Vitamin E can enhance swimming performance by reducing recovery time between workouts, according to research from Rice University. Our private label vitamin E is of the highest quality on the market. Same full range of customization options as our whey protein as far as bottle/label design goes. Specifically here you can customize the bottle count up to 360 per bottle! 

private label vitamin e


Are there other untapped markets in the nutraceutical space? Of course! New markets and niches are emerging all the time that are ripe for unique nutritional supplements . Use Google Trends to perform searches and see what keywords and phrases have been getting more attention in recent months. Keep an eye on social media and health message boards to see what people are talking about.

Authenticity is primary when creating and marketing your vitamin and supplement brand, so be sure to stay true to your roots. However, you should also be open to creating innovative new combination products and marketing campaigns that breathe new life into your brand. Stay tuned into customer needs, and you’re sure to glean insights into what’s on its way to being a major trend with both athletes and health-conscious individuals. Always go with a reputable sports nutrition manufacturer like ABH Pharma!


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