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Walkthrough of ABH Pharma Nutraceutical Manufacturing Facility

By Will Cartwright | Video & Graphic Archive, ABH Pharma Company News | 0 Comments | 19 June, 2017

Come take a tour of ABH Pharma with Frank Cantone, President of ABH Pharma.

We take you from beginning to end where a vitamin bottled product is manufactured. At ABH Pharma we strive to provide GMP quality nutraceutical manufacturing service and the best customer service in the industry!


Thank you in advance for taking the virtual tour of our facility and giving us the chance to manufacture your products. For a brief background ABH has been manufacturing dietary supplements for over 20 years. We specialize in capsules, tablets in multiple formats, softgels, herbal powders, sports powders, gummy vitamins, liquid capsules and liquid beadlet filled capsules.

Thanks to our loyal customers and great team we are fortunate enough to be able to move into our 50,000-square foot facility.

Here is where it all begins. This is our in-house GMP testing lab where we able to perform all GMP compliance testing under one roof. In this area, we have our ICPMS Machine which tests for heavy metal and mineral content. We test every raw material and finished product. The heavy metal parameters are arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. We also test for disintegration in-house for capsules and tablets. We have the necessary HPLC machinery for potency testing as well as FTNIR for identity. All materials brought into this facility is placed in a quarantine section and are released in the lab when approved by this laboratory otherwise nothing else is used. In the back, we also have installed a brand new microbiological bacteria lab.

Now let’s move into the production area.

This is one of our fully automated high speed packaging lines. This line can produce anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 bottles per day depending on the count per bottle. (Anywhere from 10 pills per bottle to 360) 

This line has two laser counters to make sure the correct number of pills are in each bottle. Next are our automated desiccant packer and cotton stuffer. Here we have a lid torquer, label application and the induction seal applicator. Each bottle that leaves this facility has its own unique lot number and expiration date so you already have a tracking system in place.

We have case packs available from 12 to 144 bottles per case for your distribution needs whether it be for retail or straight to Amazon FBA.

The reason we decided to renovate this ex pharmaceutical manufacturing facility into our own nutraceutical manufacturing facility because of the impressive flow it already had in place.

All the manufacturing processes take place relatively close to each other which creates an easy flow of manufacturing and eliminated the chance for cross contamination.

The pharmacy and compounding section of our warehouse. In this are we schedule and weight all the raw mats that go into the formula. For example, if a multivitamin has 70 ingredients we have two people, checking after each other to place the correct amount to go in our blenders.

We have a few different blenders here at ABH Pharma. Our most unique blender are our ribbon blenders. Ribbon blenders are useful when it comes to mixing ingredients that are not easily uniform. This blender has a large whisk-like structure inside of it homogeneously mixing all the ingredients of the composition to create the perfect product.

Next our 85-cubic foot V-blender! This blender is necessary to continue to assist our growing clients with an increased capacity of manufacturing. This is also the perfect blender for protein drinks!  

Lastly is the hallway of manufacturing where we can really demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities.

To continue to provide a turn-key solution we have in-house tablet coating section in. A coating is necessary for all tablets other than chewable and fast melts to prevent cracking or breaking in the bottle and provide a more pleasurable swallowing experience

Next, we enter the powder filler room with our automated image filler. This machine can fill different sized and weight bottles with ease. HDPE PET bottle as well as stand up gusset bags. Used most frequently in our collagen and bone broth. Each bottle is weighed to ensure accuracy and then a desiccant pack and scoop with the exact serving size is added. The bottles are cleaned before the labels go on to ensure a clean product for the end consumer.

Compression section. Now that we performed all necessary GMP testing, appropriately weighed all the materials and blended them custom tablet for your product.  We have a round chewable punch and oblong, and the larger bisect. Fastest compressor with 32 stations and two heads for tablet feeding 

This is one of our encapsulation machines. The reason we have minimums is because of stringent quality control and cleaning rules. Between each and every run we must take apart, clean and sterilize each machine to ensure no leftover particles get into your supplements. Next the inspection chamber 

Next in the inspection chamber we make sure every capsule is polished twice and inspected!

What we feel separates ABH Pharma from other contract manufacturers is the fact that we don’t view ourselves as one. More so a partner in production. We’ve implemented programs to be beneficial for people just considering the supplement business for the first time or long term supplement business pros looking for a reputable supplier. If you would like to see our massive facility in person or ask any questions  give us a call at 866-922-4669supplement manufacturer usa

Video & Graphic Archive, ABH Pharma Company News

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Written by Will Cartwright

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