What is the Real Purpose of Pre Workout Supplements?

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What is the Real Purpose of Pre Workout Supplements?

By Will Cartwright | Frequently Asked Questions, Video & Graphic Archive | 2 Comments | 20 November, 2017

Hi, my name is John Cornell and I am the vice president of business development here at ABH Pharma. Today we will be talking about the true purpose of pre-workout supplements.

What is the Purpose of Pre-Workout Supplements?

Do pre-workout supplements live up to the hype for consumers? and more importantly, can they be created with the right balance of beneficial, useful ingredients and a consumer-friendly retail price?



The bottom line for pre-workout supplements is that ingredients matter caffeine is one of the most common energizers used, but other ingredients can be added for a beneficial beverage or mix. The ingredients you choose will impact the effectiveness of the final product and your supplement marketing strategy will have a huge impact on your ability to sell this popular product to your customers.

Pre-workout stimulants are used to support a better workout, but are those supplements all hype, with a dash of caffeine? Stocking your pre-workout product with the right mix of energizers and supportive ingredients is a must if you want to have a steady stream of energized, happy customers.

Many pre-workout supplements include legal stimulants like caffeine to help boost energy levels and give a rush of energy Some, though, can contain harmful ingredients with risky side effects. 

One of the most common issues with balancing a great quality product is cost; some beneficial ingredients are simply too costly for the average consumer to purchase in “to go” canned or bottled form. This leads to manufacturers opting for slick marketing and a jolt of caffeine over truly useful ingredients. 

Look at the label to determine what is inside.  Ingredients are listed by weight and should be detailed on the label. Filling your product with the best possible ingredients will ensure your customers get true value from your pre-workout brand.

Ingredient Recommendations

  1. Theanine:  improves alertness, blood flow and focus. 
  2. Caffeine: Improves performance and gives an energized feeling as you work out.
  3. Citrulline and other vast dilating amino acids:  Increases blood flow which boosts muscle endurance and minimize soreness.
  4. Beta-Alanine: Reduces fatigue and improves your anaerobic workout capacity.

We recommend that the only ingredients you should stay away from are those that lack market testing and do not have any research behind them proving their safety and effectiveness. 

4 Things That Can Ruin A Pre Workout Supplement

1. Questionable Proprietary Blends: being a product with a proprietary blend may not mean it is a bad product certain, but certain signs can tell you that it may be. The ingredients are listed in order of greatest to lowest concentration. If you see the effective ingredients are listed at the end of each blend, it usually means that the ingredient is dosed very low, and many times this causes it to be ineffective. 

2. Artificial ingredients and colors: Colors, artificial flavors and sweeteners up your intake of chemicals and may not be good for your health; they also do not add anything to your actual workout.

3. Amount of Caffeine: It’s on the “good” list too, but too much caffeine can backfire and pose a health risk. Some pre-workout supplements simply have too much caffeine for comfort. You do not want to make a product that can put certain consumers at risk. This is true for all stimulant used in pre-workouts today.

4. Amount of Niacin-   Niacin can have bad side effects if too high a dose is used. Nicotinic acid can cause a skin flush that is uncomfortable if too much is used. You can use higher amounts of niacinamide since it is considered no flush.

The right approach to formulating a pre-workout supplement and creating an appealing product that has ingredients that offer true benefits for performance and workout success allows you to add one of these powerful products to your lineup. Understanding what components work and which do not can help you formulate a pre-workout supplement your customers won't be able to resist.

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And that concludes our video for today. If you enjoyed this video leave a comment in the section below and follow us on our social media accounts. Once again, my name is John Cornell and thanks for watching. We will see you next time! 

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