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Wholesale  Protein Powder Buying Guide

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 04 May, 2017

You can buy just about anything wholesale, and this is no less true with nutritional and sports supplements.

When starting your own supplement company buying protein wholesale is something you must understand how to do.

If you’re looking to fire up a sports nutrition supply retail shop of your own, you can expect protein powder to be a major seller into the foreseeable future. It good to find a reputableprotein manufacturer like ABH Pharma to work with! We are a ful turn-key facility that wil be with you every step of the way.

Protein powder products are always on or near the top of best selling sports nutrition products lists.

You will need to do a bit of research to find out which products are trending, which have done well over time and try to predict upcoming marketing trends.

Once you begin your research, you will find opportunities to pick up wholesale buys just about everywhere.

Getting started started isn’t difficult and you will find your list of favorite wholesalers growing quite rapidly.

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Now, here are the ten critical steps you will have to follow in order to legally and successfully become a protein powder distributor wholesale.

Licenses Tax Documents

Most states require you to acquire a tax ID or license as wholesale products are often not already taxed.

Before you start looking for the best wholesale protein deals, try getting all of the following so that you needn’t worry about the legalities and start making making money:

  • Federal Employee ID Number: The IRS issues these. The application form is available on irs.gov. You should be eligible for this permit as the sole proprietor of your business. 
  • State Tax ID Number: You’ll need a federal and state tax ID number that applies to the area you live in. Get the federal ID first, since you may need to secure your state tax ID. Then, search online for the Department of Revenue for your state. They can to direct you to the department you need to deal with.
  • Vendor’s License: Apply for your vendor's license after securing your ID numbers.

 Decide How Much Wholesale Protien Powder to Buy

In wholesale, volume matters because the more you buy wholesale, the lower the price per unit. Wholesale is often called "volume-centric" for this reason.

Balance your financial needs with careful inventory constraints.

It's great if you can get a deal on 500lbs of protein powder, but now you have the problem of how to safely store it while the orders trickle in for your new product.

Research Your Wholesale Protein Powder Suppliers

You can find lots of wholesale protein powder suppliers if you know where to look for them.

Here are a few of the most popular ways people search for wholesale protein powder deals:

  • Internet Search: Search for wholesale protein powder in bulk in or around your your zip code. File through the local data, paying close attention to wholesale directories and online associations.
  • Trade Shows: Now that you’re in the business, you might as well get used to going to trade shows. These are expensive and less sweeping than an Internet search. Nevertheless, trade shows are great places to make connections- and with good connections come the best deals! That’s right, we’re talking about networking. It’s time you started of you haven't already.
  • Brand Manufacturers: Talk to manufacturers. If they can't sell to you directly, ask them for referrals to other distributors and wholesalers.

Networking Your Dietary Supplement

Talk with people who have bought and resold wholesale products successfully to grow your list of valuable contacts. If they don’t view you as competition, they will usually share what they know.

Join Groups that Offer Wholesale Prices

Groups like these are often listed on industry publications and websites. They may also be connected to companies that you already partner with.

These organizations frequently extend discounts to their members.

You might think of paying for access as an unwelcome compromise, but the membership costs will be well worth it compared to what you will gain.

Beware of Purchasing Wholesale Lists

Wholesale lists are lists of so-called "trusted" wholesale suppliers and distributors you might use... for a price.

These lists sound good until you realize they’re usually outdated.

Find your leads on your own first, without paying for them, and avoid services that promise to hold your hand for a fee.

Start off With Sample Units

Rather than jumping for 1,000 units of 25lb drums of protein powder, try stocking 10 units of the a related product first.

Many wholesale suppliers also sell test units at discount prices. This lets try the product in real life.

If it doesn’t sell, then you've avoided an enormous loss. If, on the other hand, they fly out the door- then it’s easy to re-up with confidence.

Ask for Perks

Perks grease the gears in all kinds of business arrangements, and the world of wholesale sports supplements is no different.

Ask the wholesalers you talk to for opening discounts. Highly competitive markets pressure suppliers to compete for the business of retailers like you.

Offering you an order discount is a good way for them to show their appreciation, and it will show them that you’re a competent business person.

Sign up for Email Subscriptions

Close-out items and discounts are often mentioned in newsletters. Just be sure to ask why they are discounted. If it’s because they don't sell, you might not want to place an enormous order.

Pay Attention to When Your Product Leaves the Protein Factory

Unless you run a freight outfit in addition to your sports supplement venture, you will need to ship units over to your inventory somehow.

Stick to trusted names in the freight industry; it's better to pay a little bit more for a trustworthy service that’s properly insured than to risk losing a major shipment by scrimping on security.

Do your Due Diligence Before Finalizing an Order

Be sure you’re clear about the return policy and processing time.

Take advantage of any available discounts. Don't be afraid to negotiate the terms of pricing- especially if you happen upon a better deal somewhere else.

Know when to expect the delivery, so that you can receive it. If you order product in excess of $10,000, on a regular basis consider retaining a lawyer to review contracts before signing on the line.

Our research and experience has shown us that these ten steps are a pretty solid formula for buying and selling protein powder wholesale.

Of course, this isn’t everything you need to know to solidify your new business, but it’s a good start toward filling out your shelves with winning products that will sell reliably.

We hope you enjoyed our wholesale protein powder buying guide and maybe even consider venturing into selling wholesale whey protein powder or wholesale organic protein powder!

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Written by Will Cartwright

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