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Why Beta Carotene is in Every Skin Care Supplement

By Will Cartwright | Trending Ingredient Spotlight | 0 Comments | 01 November, 2017

Beta carotene is a natural substance that we take in through our diet. It is naturally occurring in many foods that are orange in color- carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and even leafy greens. In the body, beta carotene has two roles - as an antioxidant or as vitamin A, which is also known as Retinol. You might recognize that name as one of the most highly sought after treatments for skin issues such as Acne and for private label supplement brands that means big business. Keep reading to learn more about how this supplement can drive sales. 

The Benefits Skin Care Supplements Manufacturers Look For

As a supplement, beta carotene has many benefits for consumers. As an antioxidant, it helps to reduce and prevent the wear-and-tear that your cells undergo as they make energy. That process converts toxins and makes their impact less significant or harmless. The physical signs of aging are thought to stem from oxidative stress. In that sense, supplements, such as beta carotene, help reduce the signs of aging and could be looked upon as part of the recipe for building the mythical fountain of youth. 

First Buyer Person - Those people who are concerned about their appearance and that group is very diverse. It includes:

  • Teens and parents of teens with acne
  • People aged 25 and older who are concerned about aging
  • People over the age of 35 who have visible signs of aging such as fine wrinkles

The populations of potential consumers for age-related and beauty products is huge. If you are a private label brand looking for a product that appeals to many people, then this is one very good prospect. Here is how Beta Carotene helps as a beauty aid.

Another benefit of beta carotene is that it helps improve the health of our skin. The derma (skin) is the largest organ in the body, and vitamin A plays a very large role in creating beautiful skin that is youthful, even toned, and smooth. The role of vitamin A in the creation of beautiful skin is all about the production of collagen. 

Collagen is well-known as the building block of healthy, radiant skin. It is collagen that supports the skin given it an even tone and smooth surface. As we age, or when our skin is injured, such as by acne, we lose collagen. Supplements that are rich in beta carotene help the body by supplying the ingredients it needs to regenerate collagen. 

Beta Carotene Benefits Acne

Beta carotene helps the skin in many ways. One of the chief things that it does is it helps us get rid of dead and dying skin cells. The skin undergoes rejuvenation constantly, and if we do not have the tools needed to slough off dead skin cells, then they begin to accumulate. In that process, those skin cells clog pores, and acne lesions begin to form. When your skin is free of dead and dying skin cells, it looks healthy, beautiful, and radiant. 

Another way that beta carotene helps reduce and prevent acne is that it helps our skin to regulate oil production at the sebaceous glands. It is one of the ingredients that our body uses to maintain healthy skin moisture without producing too much oil. Oily skin is very glue-like, and bacteria, yeast, and even dead skin cells stick to it. As such, pores clog or become infected and acne forms. 

What this means to a private label supplement brand is that this is a product that addresses many aspects of the teen and young adult acne market. You have the opportunity to address:

  • Prevention - through better skin care, easier removal of dead cells, and the decrease in oil production as well as the potential for fewer pimples in the future. 
  • Scar correction - Through the buildup of collagen

Both of those are different marketing angles for this one type of supplement. Here's more about how that works. 

Acne Scarring and Beta Carotene

Acne scarring occurs during the lesion healing process. The skin is a multi-layer organ and as such one of its jobs is to help us remain hydrated. We are organisms that are over 70 percent water. When you have a skin wound, such as a cut or a sore such as those caused by acne, the ability of your skin to hold in moisture drops. When those areas become dry, we lose collagen, and the result is that a scar forms. Beta carotene and vitamin A help our body to produce collagen. When paired with a skin barrier supplement, such as those that contain silicone, acne scars begin to fade as the skin sheds. The reason is that the skin barrier hold in moisture and the area under the scar begins to heal as the body replaces lost collagen. The result is a gradual improvement of acne scarring.

Beta Carotene Acne Dosage

The Mayo Clinic recommends that teens and adults consume 6-15 mg of beta carotene per day. For children, they recommend only 3-6 mg of beta carotene per day. Regarding nutrient units - many vitamins are discussed using units rather than milligrams - adults should aim for 10,000 - 25,000 units and children should aim for 5,000-10,000 units. The Mayo Clinic converted beta carotene units into vitamin A equivalents. 

Easy packaging in 3 mg tablets, chewable, or gummy form. You can even convert this into a blend as an ingredient for a protein shake, additive for food, such as yogurt. The possibilities of delivery are vast. 

Marketing Beta Carotene

Acne is one of the most common skin afflictions for teens and adults. The acne industry is massive, and the US market takes in over $145 million just to treat inflammatory acne [1], and that trend is expected to remain solid during 2018. 

Natural treatments for acne are big too. The market has shifted from to prevention and diet as science has come around to declare that skin health is related to diet and intake. People are looking for easy preventative ways to treat issues such as acne and beta carotene supplements are high on their list. Is this a supplement that can benefit your existing brand or one that could start your brand?

To learn more about natural supplements and the creation of private label brands, reach out to the professionals at ABH Pharma. We make it easy and affordable to create your own private label supplements. 


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