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Why It’s Time to Go Organic: Vitamins and Supplements

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 0 Comments | 28 April, 2017

The trend toward organics has really hit its stride in recent years.

As a result, organic supplement manufacturers have been in higher demand.

This is largely in response to the previous push toward GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the resultant “frankenfoods” that have found their way onto store shelves.

Consumers are pushing back, and an insistence on organic vitamin and supplement options is one way that this is manifesting.

While the organic movement started with vegetables and fruits, it now covers meats and even canned and processed foods.

While minimal processing is still favored, if the food has organic ingredients, it will be much healthier than those made with non-organic plant and animal components treated with pesticides.

Growing Needs for Trusted Organic Supplement Manufacturers

More recently, the organic diet movement has been sweeping the vitamin and supplements space.

Health-minded consumers are determined to simplify, eat clean and “get back to nature.”

This demographic consumes high amounts of vitamins and supplements, and they will no longer settle for non-organic when it comes to decisions about these purchases as well.

Vitamin and supplement companies are heeding the call for organic, naturally-sourced options and making changes to their product lines.

In addition to meeting a customer need, many of them also see it as the right thing to do.

In many cases, the business owner is also a part of this uncompromising demographic who put their health and wellness first.

These discerning individuals make non-GMO, plant-based organic choices the foundation of their diet and lifestyle.

How Ora Organic Seized the Moment

The Ora Organic company is one such example.

The founders of the company have been taking supplements for years to enhance their own health and wellness.

However, they noticed it was difficult to find products that met their high standards for the food they consume as well as manufacture for their organic brand.

Seeing this gap in the marketplace sparked a mission to create and offer an honest line of vitamins and supplements for their customers and for the world at large.

They wanted to further the surging movement toward organics within the vitamin and supplement space.

This mission and vision was fueled by their strong passion for making these health-sustaining food and product options readily accessible to as many people as possible.

The owners of Ora Organics also wanted to spark excitement in people about these options and finally having a reliable organic vitamin and supplement brand.

They wanted to make the decision-making and purchasing process a simple one so that organic vitamins were always at hand.

Of course, like any niche, organic supplement manufacturers must differentiate and promote themselves effectively in a competitive market.

The following are some of the key steps and considerations taken by the Ora Organics company when launching their organic supplement line:

A Strong Mission Statement

From the outset, Ora Organic differentiated itself within the organic vitamin and supplement space with a clear, bold vision and mission statement.

Their nutritional formulas are 100 percent plant-based, vegan-friendly and cleanly sourced from sustainable organic farms.

Ora Organic also places a focus on flavor and pleasing the palette, so their formulas include vibrant natural fruit flavors and natural spices.

Experienced organic supplement manufacturers can make product visions like these a reality.

A Focus on Transparency

The Ora Organic company also saw a problem with the lack of transparency between supplement companies and consumers regarding the ingredients used in them.

They resolved to help ease consumer frustration by being as straightforward as possible.

They are genuinely proud to share the ingredients list for their supplement products as well as their manufacturing processes.

Getting Back to the Source

Of course, the basis and foundation of the Ora Organics line is its reliance on plant-based, non-GMO organic ingredients across the boards.

High quality ingredients and reliance on professional organic supplement manufacturers is essential to a solid vitamin line that delivers on its promises of health-sustaining products.

Leveraging Assets

The Ora Organics company already had a solid foothold in the organic space due to their experience and positive reputation for creating high-quality organic food.

Because of this, it was a natural step for them to build on this positive brand ethos with their organic vitamin and supplement brand.

Leveraging current company assets can be pivotal in launching a new product line.

If your company is brand new, tap into your own business knowledge or partner with experienced peers and allies in related industries.

Trusted names in organic supplement companies and manufacturering are essential to success.

Packaging for Maximum Impact

The truth is, people do judge books by their covers – and products by their packaging.

For this reason, the Ora Organics company put considerable time and effort into the packaging design of their organic supplement line to help the products find their way into the hands (and cupboards) of their target client base.

They are also focused on enticing new consumers to the organic supplement space. Compelling packaging is part of their effective formula for success.

Generating Buzz

With impact covered by bold, eye-catching product design and packaging, Ora Organics knew that creating excitement around the line was also essential.

Their marketing efforts to this end are energetic, flexible and modern.

Social media is highly effective in spreading viral media and inspiring word of mouth about their products.

They also applied and were accepted as participants in the television show Shark Tank, which enhanced their buzz exponentially.

The positive press and education received from the Shark Tank experience has assisted the company with gaining exposure and growing the business.

Partner with a Trusted Organic Supplement CompaniesOrganic supplement manufacturer.jpg

If you are considering branching out into the organic supplement space like Ora Organics did, you don’t have to go it alone.

Talk with manufacturers until you find one that will be the perfect partner.

Once you’ve created your business plan and mission statement, the most important decision your supplement company will make is selecting the manufacturer.

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