Why Vitamins Are Important For Skin Care Manufacturers

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Why Vitamins Are Important For Skin Care Manufacturers

By Will Cartwright | | 0 Comments | 07 February, 2019

Acne and other skin conditions plague and bother many Americans, especially adolescents in high school and college. However, even adults deal with acne that is embarrassing, scarring, and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, there are not enough skin care manufacturers making the right type of products. This goes beyond just topical creams and a standard face wash. Instead, this reaches out to even consuming vitamins on a daily basis to battle acne, cellulite, and other skin complications.

The American Academy of Dermatology published that Acne is the most common skin condition across the United States. As a matter of fact, 50 million Americans struggle with acne on a yearly basis.

Why does this matter? It points to huge market for skin care manufacturers making both topical creams and supplements. According to data, the leading acne treatment brands managed to net over $90 million in just 2018. Vitamin supplements like Vitamin D, Collagen, and Biotin are in high demand. Now is a great time to start up a skin care supplement brand!

3 Important Vitamins for Skin Care

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Vitamin D

There are many treatment methods for acne and similar skin issues. For many, this involves applying a topical cream every day after a face wash. Now, this topical cream usually comes from Vitamin A. However, it is not enough to remove and prevent acne.

Instead, patients should consume vitamin supplements and apply a topical cream. In particular, a very effective supplement that is easy to produce is none other than Vitamin D.

Now, Vitamin D is usually known for its combination with calcium. The combination helps in regards to bone formation. Unfortunately, many across the globe are deficient in terms of their Vitamin D consumption.

The Journal of Advanced Research published that proper Vitamin D consumption can help treat acne. As a result, Vitamin D supplements are on the rise amongst acne patients.

For many, acne treatment is though to come from the topical creams and nowhere else. Little do acne victims know, there are multiple supplements that can provide relief. Furthermore, these same supplements are able to enhance the general skin appearance.

Promoting both a youthful and vibrant appearance. Plus, customers only need to take the supplements once or twice a day. This convenience makes skin manufacturers plenty of profits.

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In general, the supplement industry is currently soaring across the country. Especially when it comes to acne vitamin supplements and treatment products. No one wants to deal with acne on their face. Instead, patients want solutions from advanced supplements and great topical creams.

Experts are now supporting consistent supplement ingestion for patients as well. Studies show that altering your diet to consume more Collagen is very difficult. However, daily Collagen supplements can come in the form of powder. That way, consumption through beverages is simple and easy.

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When it comes to Collagen, the best products come in the forms of supplements and not skin care. The same can be said for Biotin, which is a B Vitamin.

Studies show Biotin deficiencies appear in the form of thinning hair and other poor skin conditions. As a result, patients are searching for a nice Biotin supplement to add to their daily routine. People love the convenience of supplements and how it can be easily added into their schedule.

There is a lot of debate over the potential side effects of acne medication. While there is no definitive proof that acne medications cause depression, patients are a bit worrisome. As a result, customers want something that is safe and natural. Not to mention this is a big trend in general. People want organic food that is made without any preservatives or unnatural processing.

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Manufacturing Skin Care Supplements

Starting your supplement brand is not easy but can be with the right help. We are more than prepared to get your supplements out onto shelves in front of customers. Plus, we take a detail-oriented approach to creating your particular set of supplements.

Our years of experience delivers an unprecedented amount of knowledge on safely manufacturing effective products. There is no doubt we can help jump start your supplement company. That way, you do not do all of the heavy lifting on your own. It helps to get push start over the competition.

As previously mentioned, the supplement industry is soaring to new heights. So you are likely not the only one starting up a supplement brand. As a result, our skin care manufacturers go above and beyond to eye-catching, standout products. So you do not get lost in the shuffle amongst the competition. All the while, we work diligently alongside you to create your preferred supplement and nothing else.

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Private Label Skin Care Vitamins

Manufacturing skin care supplements is truly only half the process. Now more than ever before, customers care about product labels.

According to a published Association for Consumer Research study, over 60% of all customers surveyed claimed to pay close attention to nutrient-label information. As a result, our manufacturing process handles all of your labeling and packaging. Thus, everything is done in an organized and concise fashion.

Starting a supplement brand on your own is not just stressful, it is downright difficult. Especially when it comes to all of the moving parts like packaging and labeling, let alone creating a top-tier product.

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We work alongside you directly to execute each step during this process. That way, we make supplements that directly match your requirements. All the while, you get nothing but the very best skin care supplements and vitamins.

ABH Pharma is your go-to source for your direct manufacturing partner. Our in-house testing ensures you get nothing but high-quality vitamins and supplements. Meanwhile, we also handle all of your designs and labels. Get proper nutrient-labels for customers that care about natural products that are safe and healthy. We work hard to product a safe skin care formula for all your supplements. That way, it meets the necessary requirements for healthy skin that is acne free!

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Written by Will Cartwright

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