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Supplements Made in USA Offer Profitable Market Advantage

By Will Cartwright | Supplement Entrepreneurship | 1 Comment | 25 September, 2017

Some vitamin and supplement companies may be tempted to use dietary supplement manufacturers from overseas. They see this decision as a viable way to cut supplement manufacturing costs. However, they may not consider the impact of this decision to their brand perception and ultimately sales and profits!

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Supplements made in the USA are able to incorporate this truth into their supplement label design. Having a “Made in the USA” emblem or badge on your dietary supplement products can boost sales substantially, far outweighing the cost savings you might initially experience by using dietary supplement manufacturers.

Even Foreign Consumers Favor Supplements Made in the USA

The main reason for this is that supplements made in the USA are perceived as safer, more effective and more trustworthy than those resold from other countries. A 2012 study by the Boston Consulting Group found that 80 percent of Americans are willing to pay more to help support U.S. employers and jobs. Interestingly, the study also found that 47 percent of Chinese consumers preferred products and supplements made in the USA.

Most Americans are aware of the FDA (Food and Drug Association) and its regulatory efforts here in the U.S.A. They know that products that are made here including vitamins and supplements are held to a high standard of quality and controls. This helps to ensure that the products will be pure and well-made. Products imported from other countries may or may not be held to these kinds of standards. There are far more variables, and many Americans do not want to take the risk.

Familiarity, Trust and Patriotism

By contrast, “Made in the USA” marketing shows that your company has a commitment to quality as well as supporting the American economy. Instead of outsourcing, you’ll be keeping business within the U.S. and supporting the jobs and financial viability of American dietary supplement manufacturers and supplements made in the USA. This in turn fosters a higher quality of life for U.S.-based communities, workers and their families.why your supplements should say made in usa image 2.jpg

The USA is known for rugged individualism and innovation. Many American businesses are respected for their commitment to quality and good customer service. The U.S. reputation is well known worldwide. Some Asian countries are perceived as willing to take shortcuts in manufacturing to keep costs low.

This combined with sketchy regulating bodies create a vibe of not being quite sure if certain countries or their products can be trusted.

This is a big factor in why supplement label design reflecting supplements made in the USA will net more sales than products without this delineation.

Here are some of the top reasons vitamin and supplement companies favor using dietary supplement manufacturers in USA:

More Reliable Products and Service

Sourcing in the USA allows you more control over the manufacturing and packaging process from start to finish. Delivery will be faster and more reliable, and you won't have to struggle with issues like time zones and language barriers when communicating with foreign dietary supplement manufacturers.

Eye-Catching Supplement Label Design

Supplements sourced from American-based dietary supplement manufacturers can have a supplements made in USA label. This is an instant positive draw to consumers from store shelves from a supplement label design stand point.

Extended Promotional Opportunities

Beyond just supplement label design, supplements made in the USA can be marketed as such in all of your marketing materials. From your website to email newsletter to social media accounts to radio and TV spots, there are a range of opportunities to tell potential customers your products are made in the USA.

Humanize Your Enterprise

With american made nutritional supplements, you can also highlight other ways your company supports the American way of life. Case studies, employee profiles, insights into your business practices and patriotic promotions are all possible, and all of these avenues will help to build goodwill for your brand. 
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ABH Pharma is one of the top dietary supplement manufacturers for supplements made in the USA.

When you source your product line with us, you can incorporate the “made in the USA” ethos into your supplement label design. This in turn allows your company to enjoy all the marketing and brand appeal that comes from sourcing your products in the USA.

ABH Pharma can assist you in creating a vitamin or supplement product from scratch. We’ll help you develop the ideal formulation, format, packaging and marketing strategy. In addition to high quality manufacturing, we also provide top-quality customer support at every phase of the vitamin and supplement creation process. Contact us to get started today.



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